No Stone Unturned : Toeing the LA Marathon

this mornings shake out run near the finish

Well there went my final 3 mile taper run this morning. Nice and easy pace with a couple of strides to close off this taper week and 14 weeks of this training cycle. Since December 10, 2012 when I committed to make the Asics LA Marathon my goal race, I have not only been focused but physically have also worked as hard as I possibly could to achieve my ultimate goal of hitting a PR and earning the letters BQ next to my name. During the last 14 weeks, I was challenged but also grew as a runner. Logging 1032.61 miles gave me time to think and realize how beautiful this running thing is. It also gave me a better sense of working for my goal. Putting the work in each and every day through this past training cycle, I without a doubt left no questions unanswered and no stones unturned. Yes, even tomorrow there is a bit of chance that comes into play on race day, but I left that bit of chance to the smallest amount possible.

14 weeks worth of tempo runs, interval workouts, long runs and recovery runs have brought me to where I am today, less than 24 hours before gun time. Going into the Asics LA Marathon, I have never been more confident going into any single race. Just the other day I posted the following in my personal Facebook wall:

“I have never gone into a run more confident than I am going into this weekend’s LA Marathon. A new training plan has helped me gain confidence in my running and ability to go after my goal. Having awesome training partners and support through the last 14 weeks has been amazing. However, these 1032+ miles of training that I have logged since Dec. 10 would not be possible without the support of my crew at home. Bethany who encourages and supports me in going after my goal(s) and Donovan who sits (& naps) in the stroller for long runs.

No matter what the day brings on Sunday morning, I know I have put the work in during this training cycle and focused only on the things that I can control up to this point.”

The only thing left to do before tomorrow’s start is to head to the expo today to pick up my goodies, say hello to some friends and browse the new gadgets in running. After the race bib is picked up, the number will go directly onto my singlet for tomorrow. The weather looks great for tomorrow’s run as the warmer temperatures that were predicted seem to have cooled a bit. 
To everyone else running the Asics LA Marathon on Sunday, I wish you all the best of luck and GODSPEED. Whatever your individual goals are I hope you reach them and if it isn’t your A goal, then remember there are 25 other letters in the alphabet and hopefully one of those goals includes having fun and finishing with a smile!   

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