Three Things Thursday: Alphabet, Sub Mileage, Fruit

1) Letters. There is no hidden secret that runners love to letters in the alphabet more than any. No matter if you run a 5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2 or any other distance the letters P and R are nothing new to you. Every runner loves running a PR. Going into this weekend’s Asics LA Marathon not only will I be trying to attain the letters P and R, but I will also be going after 2 coveted letters that most marathoners look to add by their name. Those two other letters are B and Q. If marathon running is new to you, BQ stands for Boston Qualifier. For my to achieve those two letters I will have to run a 3:05:00 on March 17.

2) Taper Week. This is my taper week. Typically, I regretted the taper week. I though have embraced my taper. I have found ways to keep myself from going crazy during this time period. Since my first week of training this is the first week where I have ran less than 50 miles. I have typically been running an average of 80 miles a week including a 100 mile week right in the middle of the training cycle. As total mileage has dropped during my taper, I have moments to keep the intensity. This gives me my running fix.

3) Team SunRype. Yesterday I found a box at my front door that was left by FedEx. The box was filled with goodies from SunRype. Along with the edible goodies made of 100% fruit, there was some training gear. Between now and the end of September I am officially part of Team SunRype. SunRype sponsors me in my endurance events. Such an honor to represent a brand I know that is good for me! 

SunRype gear and goodies

 If you are tapering how is your week going? Are you joining me in LA this weekend? What are your goals? 

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