the home stretch

There are only 6 days away from the sold out Asics LA Marathon, which takes place this Sunday March 17. Last week was my final week of high mileage training with the complete week of workouts, which includes the intervals, tempo and long runs. My legs felt strong, my body in tune and mentally probably the most confident I have ever felt going into a race with one week to go. My training last week totaled 75.75 miles of training with 8 runs over the 7 days. The week looked like this:

Saturday’s Lucky Run

Monday – 10.16 miles total; 1 mile warm up (8:19), 6 x 1 mile repeats (splits: 6:48, 6:41, 6:46, 6:42, 6:43, 6:43) with 400 meter recovery (8:30/mi pace), 1.66 mile cool down (7:42/mi).
Tuesday Morning – 5.03 miles easy @7:53/mi
Tuesday Noon – 2.2 miles easy @7:47/mi
Wednesday – 13.8 miles total; 1 mile warm-up (8:04), 10 mile tempo (70:05, 7:01/ mi), 2.8 mile cool down (8:33/mi)
Thursday – 10.1 miles easy @7:39/mi
Friday – 10.01 miles easy @7:40/mi
Saturday – 13.19 miles long @7:24/mi at The Lucky Run 13.1
Sunday – 11.27 miles easy @8:14/mi

Even with a solid week of training before my taper week which starts officially today, I did have a little set back on Saturday. My family and I were driving and were rear ended and pushed forward into the car in front of us while at a stop causing some damage to our vehicle and leaving us a little sore, but nothing that some good stretch, Compex electric muscle stem and a visit to the PT couldn’t fix. I woke up a little sore Sunday morning, with the accident occurring on Saturday, but once I got up and moving, most of it seemed to loosen up.

the front and back of my car

There isn’t anything I could have controlled in regards to the car accident from happening since I was the one that was at a stop, but there is everything I can control in that my attitude and proper care of my body during the taper week. 14 weeks ago when I started training for the Asics LA Marathon I told myself I was on a mission to do everything I could absolutely do to run my best race on March 17. That goal and mission will not change. I will have another blog later this week about my goals and breakdown my plan going into this particular race.

How was your training last week? How do you deal with setbacks going into a race?

One thought on “the home stretch

  1. Oh no, bummer about the accident! I was going to say what horrid timing, but I guess it could have been worse (closer to your race) or more serious. Praise God you are okay!

    Enjoy your taper and good luck on the race!


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