bad runs don’t exist

Recently I have noticed on Twitter and Daily Mile that some people have been posting or describing their recent run as “blah” as indicated by the not so smiley face icon on Daily Mile. I once too felt that this run was awful, or that was the worst run ever. As of late, I have started to question the idea of a “BAD RUN”. Is there really such a thing as a bad run or a blah run or worse a run that we regret. I have even come across the occasional “It would have been better if I didn’t run, that’s how bad my run was”.

enjoy the world before the sun comes up

The moment we lace up our shoes and make our way outside the door or hit the start button on our Garmin, is there really such thing as a bad run, a run so bad that we regret. Now I am not talking about a run where people get hurt or assaulted or anything to that extreme. I am talking about the run where we come back in one piece unharmed and uninjured.

I know for many runners, I can say that we compare this week’s tempo run to last week’s and so forth. The same distance and I ran slower, so it makes the run worse or bad or blah, you pick the way you feel about a run that is slower than before. The thing is that even though the course and the distance might be the same, it really never is the same exact run. As each day passes we are older one more day, so there alone our body is not the same, yes from one week to another we have aged. The wind on our run last week might have been a tail wind and today it was a head wind. The ground or terrain that we ran on has changed due to weathering. What we ate the night before and amount of water we took in was completely different. The temperature might be a few degrees cooler or warmer than last week. The emotional and psychological state that we go into that run could also have changed. You see the distance and workout might be the same but really everything else is different.

I think each time we decide to start our run, that run at a minimum is a good run, maybe not great but still good. Okay I will even take average, but is it really ever bad? I mean we have the liberty to run and enjoy the world around us, how bad can that run really be? So from here on out, I have told myself there will never be a run I call bad. Each run is unique in it’s own way, but I do understand that some runs might be a little more challenging than others, but no run will ever be labeled as bad or blah. I think the moment we understand that the same workout as before might be a little more challenging today than it was last week, we will have a better outlook on how beautiful running truly is and how much running is a gift for us that are fortunate enough to get our and run freely.

Do you agree that when we break it all down there really is no such thing as a bad run? 

4 thoughts on “bad runs don’t exist

  1. I think that the only bad run there is is the one that we don't run! You may feel blah during a run but just being able to get the run in makes it at least average. I think people start to feel like it was a bad run or a regretful run because it didn't meet their expectations….thus the question shouldn't be was the run good or bad (average, etc.), the question should be did i prepare enough for this run to make sure that I meet my expectations??? What do you think Chris?


  2. I think preparation is key to having realistic expectations. I think even in training runs we put to much pressure on ourselves to have to hit certain times etc and call a run awful just because we didn't run it as fast as we did 2 weeks ago. I think running itself is a beautiful thing and nothing awful can come of it as long as we come back in one piece.


  3. I've never really liked running…I always had to for soccer, volleyball, and basket ball in high school and I was always really good at it. I used to be able to run a 7:30 mile with only putting in half the effort. It's true that we put a lot of pressure on ourselves whether we are first just starting out after being able to run really well or having run for years. I think the trick to enjoying anything you do (running, sports, music etc.), is remembering that you will have good days and bad days but to not let yourself focus on the bad days as much as the good ones and to celebrate the small goals along the way!!


  4. I love this – so true! At least we are getting to run. I tend to mark my runs as blah or bad if my calves hurt like crazy and I end up stopping to stretch or walk a lot, but at least I'm out there. 🙂 Thanks for this!


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