13 days to go

the last 7 weeks of training

Another week of the marathon training cycle completed. After this past weekend’s runs, I am left with only 13 days between now and the day I toe the line at the Asics LA Marathon on March 17. As the weekly mileage starts to decrease entering next week’s taper week, the excitement of another marathon begins to build.

This past week my mileage dropped below 80 miles for the first time in 6 weeks. My total mileage for last week was 75.38 miles. Even with the sub 80 mile week I still had a couple of harder workouts during the week. Last week’s training looked like this:

Monday – 10.06 recovery miles @ 7:50/mi
Tuesday – 11.01 miles total; 1.01 mile warm up, 4 x 1.5 miles with 800 meter recovery, 2 mile cool down. 1.5 mile intervals times: 10:08 (6:46/mi), 10:05 (6:44/mi), 10:12 (6:48/mi), 10:05 (6:43/mi)
Wednesday – 7.63 recovery miles @ 7:54/mi
Thursday – 12 miles total; 1 mile warm up, 10 mile tempo (69:29, 6:57/mi), 1 mile cool down
Friday – 10.26 recovery miles @ 7:47/mi
Saturday – 14.24 miles easy @ 7:58/mi
Sunday – 10.16 easy miles @ 7:47/mi

As my training progresses from one week to another and the count down starts to begin, I will begin to evaluate my goals do a systems check on where I feel I am during the taper week. I will also continue my rest, recovery, and nutrition routine going to best prepare myself going into my next marathon.

What are you doing to prepare for the LA Marathon? How is training going? Are you excited for another 26.2 miler? If this is your first what are you looking forward to the most?

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