Sayonara Februrary

1st race of 2013

28 days went by so fast. With February 2013 now behind us, it is time to start looking forward to the next 17 days in March before my first goal race of the year. However, moving forward and getting excited for the Asics LA Marathon could not have happened without the 28 days of training February had to offer. Over the last month I ran 358.46 miles, giving me a total of 689.45 miles on the year. In the short month of February I ran more miles than I totaled in January.

February’s running provided me with a number of exciting moments. The 28 days of running included 3 races: Jed Smith Ultras 30k, Davis Stampede 1/2 Marathon and The ‘tiny’ Half Marathon. Both the Jed Smith 30k and the Davis Stampede 1/2 Marathon were ran on back to back days which provided me a memorable birthday weekend. While The ‘tiny’ Half Marathon provided me with a very fun and exciting training run where I finished in the top 5 overall with a time of 1:30:42.

2nd race of 2013

Another highlight during the 28 days was racking up my first ever 100 mile training week. Yes cracking the 100 mile mark in seven days was something I was not sure I would ever be able to achieve, let alone feel good throughout the runs and feel good enough to continue on with training. During that week, I was fortunate enough run a trail run and make new friends through that run. This heavy load week provided me with balance in my training keeping me focused on my goals but still enjoy the social aspect of getting out and just running.

3rd race of 2013

Along with the 100 mile week, each week in February included totals of 80 mile training weeks. A heavy load of running with a lot of miles, but I know without the 28 days of ‘training camp’, then the excitement that is mounting up for March 17th wouldn’t be as high as it is today.

How was your February? What were your highlights of the month?

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