Three Things Thursday: Hood, Tea, Fuel

1. Hood to Coast. I am pretty excited to have been invited to join a team for Hood to Coast. This will be my first relay event. It is 176 days until the event which starts on Mt. Hood and runs 199 miles and finishes in Seaside, Oregon. The 199 miles is broken up into legs and completed by 12 runners on each team. Each team will have 2 buses and drives. I am looking forward to all of this. As the event comes closer I will put more into writing about this. I only know one other member of the team and will meet the others come race weekend as I run with team ‘Pure Michigan’, yes all other members are from Michigan.

2. Herbal Tea. As the spring season and winds are starting to kick in I have been getting some sniffles and a bit of a head cold. I am not going to let this deter me from my kick ass training that is going on as I prepare for the Asics LA Marathon. I turned to my acupuncturist / herbalist Tian Chao for some tea extract to help me rid of this head cold and keep me moving along in training. It is working for me and I will continue to drink my teas as long as it continues to keep my nasal passages clear and allows me to train.

3. ENERGYbits. In case you missed out on my product review and giveaway from yesterday. I am doing a product review and giveaway for ENERGYbits. It is an algae bit which has provided me with energy throughout my workouts. I have been consuming them for a few months and have seen a more energy levels through my running and training. Click here for yesterday’s blog post.

What are you doing to stay healthy through the flu season?  

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