19 days away …

my dress rehearsal goodies

As I complete one workout after another the Asics LA Marathon comes closer and closer. We  are 19 days away from the Asics LA Marathon. Last week included another high mileage workout week, with my final “dress rehearsal” of what I will be wearing and fueling with come March 17. This allowed me to figure out any possible chaffing areas, which reminded me to apply some body glide where my arm sleeves rub against my arm. For me sorting through everything 3 weeks away is better than sorting it a day out and realizing what I will be wearing won’t work for me.
Here is what my week of training looked like for the week of February 18:

Monday – 10.04 miles recovery run at 7:50/mi
Tuesday – 13 miles total; 1 mi warm up (8:33), 3 x 2 miles (interval times: 13:45, 13:22, 13:41) w/ 800 meter recovery, 4.5 miles steady.
Wednesday – 7.01 mile recovery run at 7:51/mi
Thursday – 17.01 miles total; 1 mile wu (8:10), 10 mile tempo run at 6:56/mi, 6 miles easy (7:59/mi)
Friday – 10.01 mile recovery at 7:52/mi
Saturday – 12.08 miles easy at 8:10/mi
Sunday – 16.01 miles total; 9 miles steady 4 miles at GMP, 3.01 miles easy

Total mileage: 85.16 miles in 7 workouts

For those of you training for a March marathon, how is your training going?

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