3 Things Thursday: Pins, Gloves, Trails

1. Acupuncture. For those of you that follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed that once a week I check into Tien Wu Herbs & Acupuncture. This is for my weekly acupuncture session that I have received since last the spring of 2012. This started because my migraines were so bad that no “medical” doctor could help me, it even came to a point where my oral medications stopped working and I had to result to injecting myself with medication to rid the migraines. I was at a loss of what to do so I have acupuncture a try. Within weeks all my migraines were gone and they have been since I started acupuncture. I also credit these sessions to helping me with my recovery as I have been running long miles. The acupuncture has also moved in helping with circulation and releasing the tightness in my legs. Along with the actual insertion of acupuncture needles into my arms, neck, back and legs, I receive a technique called cupping. Cupping uses glass cups with the assistance of a small flame to create a vacuum, which pulls the skin to allow for blood flow through various regions of the body. The cupping leaves me some discoloration of the skin for a day but I can continue to feel the difference.

2. Cold Hands. As many of my local running friends and training partners know I am always in search of the perfect pair of running gloves. Searching for the perfect pair has nothing to do with fit, I find gloves that fit perfectly all the time. The problem I have is finding gloves that keep my hands warm, especially my fingers. Within seconds my hands go from cold to numb, whenever I step outside for a run. I am still looking for the perfect pair to keep my hands warm. Until then I will continue to layer my gloves wearing sometimes 2-3 pairs during the winter months. Not being able to open a GU pack on a run due to the numbness in my hands sucks!

3. Hitting the trails.
Okay I will first to admit that I previously stated, I will never run trails. It is too slow, you can’t go fast, and thought what’s so challenging about a jog / hike? Well over the course of the last few months I have included trail running into my routine and have found the benefits of running on various terrain. It has forced me to work different muscles groups making me a stronger runner on the roads. Trails have also allowed me to dump the idea of having to run a certain pace and focus on running on effort. Along with the benefits of making me a stronger road runner, I have seen so many more places, the views on trails are much more beautiful than those of running on the roads.

What do you do for additional recovery? Is there glove you recommend? Do you enjoy hitting the trails?

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