a century week

This past week of training is something I wasn’t sure I would really ever be able to do and still feel strong through the week. For the first time ever, I ran 100 miles in a week. 101.43 total miles in 8 workouts over the course of 7 days. With 27 days remaining before the ASICS LA Marathon, this is the highest mileage week I will be hitting before my target race of 2013, where I put everything I have on the 26.2 mile course on March 17.

Going into this marathon training cycle, I had the plan of leaving no question unanswered, no stone unturned. Everything I could possibly do to best prepare myself to run the best race I can on March 17, I was willing to do, and will continue to do for the next 27 days of training. Doing everything I could, I knew would involve hitting some high mileage weeks of training, I had been hitting some in the 50s (1 week), the 60s (1 week), the 70s (3 weeks of training) and some in the 80s (4 weeks of training) but never thought that during this point I would be hitting the magic 100 mile mark. Granted this 100-mile mark will only happen once during the 14-week cycle, I am still surprised at what I was able to do.  This past week of training took some extra time on the roads as you could imagine. The week looked like this:
·      Monday – 10.01 easy (7:50/mi)
·      Tuesday AM – 15.67 total; 1 wu (8:05), 2 x 3 miles (6:53/mi) w/ 1 mile recovery (8:20/mi), 6.67 long run pace (7:35/mi)
·      Tuesday PM – 7.24 easy (8:36/mi)
·      Wednesday – 12.31 easy (7:52/mi)
·      Thursday – 15.01 total; 1 wu (8:14), 9 tempo (63:04, 7:00/mi), 5 steady (7:38/mi)
·      Friday – 13.38 easy (7:53/mi)
·      Saturday – 18.46 total; 10 easy, 5 at GMP (7:03/mi), 3.46 easy
·      Sunday – 9.35 easy (7:52/mi)
after hitting the trails with friends on Sunday
I guess this is why it is important to enjoy the journey and not just what happens between the start and finish on race day. With 26 days remaining of training runs, I have already learned so much about myself as a person and runner, explored new places I would have not otherwise seen, met new people, and made new friends that will last a lifetime. Going through this experience of training time after time is never a waste no matter what happens on race day. I will stick to that, granted this whole experience will be a little sweeter, a smile a little wider, and the beer will taste a little better at the finish like if I am able to run through the finish at a time of 3:04:59.
For those of you running a spring marathon or training for any race, how is your training going?

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