the end of the world … didn’t happen

Well it looks like today the end of the world didn’t happen.I know you’re pretty disappointed, but for me I was really worried about thiswhole Mayan calendar ordeal, because I already registered (or plan on registering) for 5 marathons in2013 (Honda LA Marathon, Big Sur International Marathon, The Wipro San Francisco Marathon, Santa Barbara International Marathon, California International Marathon). With all of the commotion going on, I quickly jumped onto all of the racewebsites and looked for some sort of “end of the world” refund. None of theraces had it posted, all of the money, time and work, I put into training andracing would have been a big waste… or would it have been?
the banner that hangs inside my garage
I think there are some valid arguments regarding the Mayancalendar, not from those think that zombies will come after us and everyonewill have to fend for himself or herself in the Armageddon, but thoserecognizing that there is a an era or time of change.  If we all lived our days like today was thelast, I think we would be able to achieve more out of living and enjoying whatlife has to offer for us, not matter what that joy maybe. Of course for me, Ilove running, I enjoy it, it has something that is more than a sport orsomething I do for health benefits, it is part of my life. And for it to bepart of my life, I am fortunate to have a supportive wife who encourages me tocontinue to chase my goal of becoming a Boston Qualifier.
For me my “change” or end of my Mayan calendar happened onDecember 10, when I started my new marathon-training plan. I am currentlyfollowing the Hansons Marathon Method plan, which has me running 7 days a week,with some pretty high mileage. With nearly 10 days already completed, under thenew plan, I have already run 99 miles during that span. Previously, my dailymile.comtotals showed for some high miles, however they included cross training days onan indoor train. This time, it is about putting the work in on the road andrunning the miles without the use of cross training.  If there is one thing that is clear in mychange of training and approach it is, if I want to be a better, faster andstronger runner, I have to run more! There is no getting around being better atsomething than to go do that specific routine or skill in order for it todevelop.
For those of you that are curious my current running planlooks something like this:
recent 7 mile tempo … all about pace
Dec. 10 – 10 miles @ 7:26 pace
Dec. 11 – 7.82 miles total; 2.46 mile warm-up, 5x 1,000 meters, 1.2 mile cool down. Splits of the 1,000 meters: 3:49, 3:46, 3:50, 3:50,3:54
Dec. 12 – 5 miles @ 7:36 pace
Dec. 13 – 6 miles @ goal marathon pace – 7:01 pace
Dec. 14 – 10 miles easy @ 7:52 pace
Dec. 15 – 10 miles easy @ 7:55 pace
Dec. 16 – 12 miles at long pace@ 7:38 pace
Dec. 17 – 10 miles easy @ 7:45 pace
Dec. 18 – 6.85 miles total; 2 mile warm-up, 4 x 1200 meters,1 mile cool down
Splits for 1,200 meters: 4:42, 4:43, 4:43, 4:43
Dec. 19 – 4 miles easy @ 7:46 pace
Dec. 20 – 7 mile tempo at goal marathon pace @ 7:02 pace
Dec. 21 – 10 miles easy @ 7:50 pace
Again if there is anything to walk away from today with allof that fuss regarding the end of the world, keep in mind, if there issomething you wanted to achieve the time for change is NOW! Get out and do it, no matter what that thing is. If you want a positive change in your life orhad aspirations of running a marathon, don’t wait until the end of the world.
On another note, I have been fortunate enough to benominated by my friends and people in the Twitter world for the 2012#RunChat Blog Awards. I am in the running for “Best #RunChat participant”, I would greatly appreciate it if youtook a moment to vote for me at is open until 9 p.m. EST Dec. 26. You are allowed to vote twice pertwitter handle! 

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