Green Goodness: Smoothie Creation

To start off the day, I thought to mix a couple of various items from my smoothie section of the freezer to try a new creation. With success I thought this is something worth sharing. The combination of items creates for an interestingly green colored smoothie, but the flavor is delightful! The ingredients for today’s creation are as follows:
·      Silk Pure Almond Milk
·      2 handfuls of frozen mango chunks
·      ½ medium sized avocado
·      1 tablespoon flaxseed
·      1 tablespoon chia seed
·      2 handfuls frozen spinach
After putting all the items into the blender, simply enjoy. One of the things I noticed right away was the there wasn’t an overpowering flavor of any of the items. In fact the vanilla protein complimented the mango and avocado pretty well. Hopefully you enjoy today’s creation as much as I do.
Who would have thought that my smoothie a day challenge that I started back on October 1st, would have continued to a smoothie a day lasting until today. This is something that is healthy and has gotten me started every single day.  

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