CIM Count Down: Marathon Jitters

So today was another day … wait not so fast, today was the first day of the California International Marathon Expo. Granted this will be my 11th marathon overall and 6th CIM, I still get some marathon jitters. The excitement continues to build as I see more tweets, Facebook status updates, and Instagram photos revolving around running this Sunday. I know I have put the training in, the weather isn’t much a concern for me because that is completely out of my control, but nonetheless there is still that little voice in my head that whispers “do you think you’re ready?” … My answer is of course I am, I have trained some of the best miles, feel that I am in the best running shape I have ever been in prior to any marathon I have ran.

These jitters came in early for me today, as my legs felt a little restless and my mind started to over think the 26.2 miles that will be ran on Sunday. So this morning, I jumped on the indoor trainer and went very easy for 35 minutes trying to get the blood moving and oxygen pumping. Nothing strenuous or challenging, but just enough to bring me back where I needed to be, and that being relaxed and calm. Even tomorrow, I may end up jumping on the trainer for a light 20 minutes before I head back to the CIM Expo to man The San Francisco Marathon Booth from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm (so if you are at the expo during that time, come by and say hello).

As the day moved on, I got myself ready to head to the expo in the afternoon. My thought is it will be less crowded today and I will be able to just hangout tomorrow at the booth without having to worry about picking my race goodies up after. Just as I expected the crowd at the expo was pretty small, I am assuming that tomorrow is when most people will be coming into Sacramento and making their way to the expo. I was able to walk right into the Sacramento Convention Center, stand behind one person in line and get my bib with timing chip. There it was number 5306, ready and waiting with a timing chip to match. To make sure that the timing chip was working and the information matched the bib number, I walked right up to the tracking station to see my name pop up on the screen after waiving my chip over the sensor. PERFECT match!

Along that route, they passed onto the t-shirt pick up, where I grabbed my long sleeve CIM shirt, which looks pretty nice to wear around, however my biggest complaint is that it is black for the men. I would love to have more training shirts that were brighter colors, the women’s long sleeve shirt was green, which I would have preferred but still another nice technical long sleeve to have. This year the bags for gear check was a synch style bag, which is very large, so it should hold all the layers that I am planning on wearing before the race. Along with the typical race shirt and bag, the 30th running of the CIM also provided runners with a pair of gloves and a headband style item.

The day is done in regards to getting the goods to run all taken care of. Tomorrow is pre marathon day, so there will be some preparation to take care of tomorrow afternoon after returning from the expo and meeting with some of my fellow San Francisco 2013 Ambassadors at Pizza Rock downtown before heading home for my pasta dinner and premarathon night movie… for those of you that don’t know, I watch “The Spirit of the Marathon” the night before every marathon to keep my mind focused but still being able to relax.

Ah! and for those of you from out of town wondering about the weather. For most of the day it was pretty nice considering what was expected to hit Sacramento today, however bring your rain gear as Saturday and Sunday might and will probably be a different story. 

I am not sure if my next write up will be tomorrow or post marathon, so until then happy running! Remember if you head to the CIM expo on Saturday come by the San Francisco Marathon booth say hello and save $10 off your SF Marathon registration if you register with me at the expo.

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