worry, focus, rest & recover: the countdown to CIM continues

The California International Marathon (CIM) is just 5 days away. Currently the biggest topic surrounding the marathon is the predicted weather going into this weekend’s 30th running of the CIM. I myself got caught into worrying about the weather that is supposed to hit Sacramento pretty hard starting on Wednesday and last through Sunday (December 2). For me it came into play when I looked at my phone yesterday and saw a weather warning on my Weather Channel app which read “A Flood Watch has been issued for Sacramento, CA until Sun Dec 02 4:00 AM PT”.

With all the fuss of rain I even tweeted some mentions of “keeping fingers crossed for CIM” weather. During the day, it was reminded to me by other runner’s, cannot control the weather and we can only control our running and preparation going into the race. With that I got back onto my mental toughness train and stayed focused on what needed to be done going into this weekend’s 26.2 mile adventure. I know I have put the work in and have clocked in some decent times in my workouts, my speed has increased, my legs feel strong, and overall I truly believe that this is the weekend, rain or shine where I can run a very good race.

With the reminder of worrying only about what I can focus on I got up this morning got my running gear on, turned on my Garmin, and made my way out the door like I have done every Tuesday for my interval workout. Today’s workout was a pretty short workout, 10 minute warm-up, 6×400 meter intervals with a 400 meter recovery between each, followed by a 10 minute cool down. I went out and just ran, after my warm-up the cold weather (about 40 degrees) was not an issue. In fact after I got home and uploaded my workout, I realized I ran my 400s faster than I had planned on but just felt good and ran, without pushing it too hard. My splits for the morning were 1:25, 1:23, 1:22, 1:23, 1:24, 1:24. After my interval workout, I did as I normally do and jumped on the indoor trainer for about 20 minutes as part of my cool down. The only difference today than that of previous weeks is that I am not going to run a double (AM intervals and PM intervals with Buffalo Chips Running Club).  This is mater of making sure I taper, but still not too aggressively as I am still working some decent runs in during the week. The only difference is my total mileage will not be hitting the 80s or 90s going into this weekends CIM. I will probably be closer to about 30 miles before this weekends 26.2 miles. The only run I have left before this weekend’s marathon is a 5k on Thursday that I will be running at marathon pace (6:52 per mile). Other than that I have one more scheduled cross training workout on Wednesday, which will be done on the indoor trainer. Friday and Saturday will be very easy and relaxed, as I spend time checking in and hanging out at the CIM Expo and working The San Francisco Marathon Booth on Saturday.

The other item, outside of my workouts, that I am in control of is my recovery in terms of stretching and nutrition. After my workout this morning, I continued with another breakfast smoothie. Today’s smoothie was pure deliciousness as I continued to try various combinations of fruits with the Organic Food Bar Vegan Protein. A lot of blogs and websites talk about the benefits of chocolate milk after a workout, as someone who struggles with dairy and is a vegetarian (vegan as much as possible when I am at home), getting a bottle of chocolate milk just doesn’t do it for me for recovery, in fact it upsets my stomach. So today, I thought it was time to break open a new flavor of the Organic Food Bar Vegan Protein, with today’s smoothie using the chocolate flavor. The mixture of ingredients provided me with a surprisingly delicious combination of fruit and chocolate sweetness, without being overpowered by the chocolate sweetness. Today’s smoothie was made up of the following:

  • Silk Pure Almond Milk (unflavored) 
  • two handfuls of spinach
  • two handfuls of blueberries
  • 1 scoop of chia seeds
  • 1 scoop of flax seed
  • 1 medium banana 
  • 1 scoop of Organic Food Bar Vegan Protein chocolate

Give this combination a try especially if you enjoy chocolate. This plant based protein will definitely help provide the sweet tooth wants in a healthier drink that will provide you with the nutrients for recovery after a solid workout.

As a reminder I will be working the SF Marathon booth this Saturday at the CIM Expo from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm. Come by and say hello if you are in the area or picking up your race packet for this weekends marathon. I will be more than happy to talk about the SF Marathon, or even the CIM route. This will be my 6th running of the CIM and I have ran the 26.2 mile course in San Francisco 3 times. Follow me on Twitter @chrismalenab to stay up to date with all of the news going into CIM.

2 Comments on “worry, focus, rest & recover: the countdown to CIM continues

  1. Hope you have a great race! Still so bummed i'm missing it 😦 Don't think one month of training would have cut it after two months off. I'll send dry thoughts for sunday!!


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