It’s a sad day …

It truly is a sad day that Hostess Company is going out of business. However it is for multiple reasons that it is a sad day. Don’t mind the 1,000s of people who will be losing their job due to various reasons and a ton of finger pointing between executives and those in charge of employee unions. It is a sad day when people have to “stock up” on their favorite Hostess snacks because those snacks will be off the shelves forever. screen shot

On a local news station, I was shocked to watch and hear about how people are, sad because they grew up on Cupcakes, Twinkie’s and other Hostess snacks, and they will not be able to pick them up at the store and share those treats with their children. It is a sad day indeed when we resort to sharing unhealthy snacks with our children as a way of bonding with them. Whatever happened to sharing home made food or throwing a ball with our children as a way of preserving something special. Also on the news segment, I heard about how people are buying the last of Hostess snacks and selling them for higher prices. So naturally, I jumped on Ebay and searched Twinkie. I saw a couple of boxes selling for $51.00 with 7 people already having put their bids in on it.

I wonder if this would be the same response if the media reported that kale or blueberries were going to be gone forever? I know the answer is “NO”. However, I think it is something we can look at when we begin to examine the obesity problem in the United States especially with our youth. The issue is that we put more importance into passing along our snacks that contain an abundance of preservatives rather than passing along the understanding and importance of healthy living to the the next generation. 
According to the Designed to Move website today’s kids are the first generation who’s life expectancy is shorter than that of their parents. Take a moment to watch the video below taken from Youtube to see the impact of what 5 years means. Please share this video with others as this might give us something to think about when it comes to spending $51.00 on ebay just to get that extra Twinkie.  

Now don’t get me wrong because I am sad about Hostess going out of business not for the reason that my favorite snack will be forever gone, but for the lost jobs of 1000’s of hard working people in our community. I am also saddened that this chain of events from the closing of Hostess to the news reports have made me realize that our country has become obese because of the importance of a Twinkie.

One thought on “It’s a sad day …

  1. Your take on this is one that I hadn't even thought about. Really good point you make…


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