#imagreatist ambassador

For those of you that follow me on twitter (@chrismalenab), facebook (www.facebook.com/chrismalenab), and instrgram (chrismalenab) may have noticed the recent #imagreatist or the posting of a badge similar to that on the left. Over the course of the last month or so I have been actively looking online for other opportunities to help me network and join a community of like minded people who blog, tweet, facebook and pin their health related stories and moments, in hopes to help inspire those in our social circles and social network connections. This sudden surge of finding what else is out there all stemmed from when I was selected to join 40 other marathon runners to become the group of ambassadors for The Wipro San Francisco Marathon.

As I continued to find out what else was out there in the social network world, I stumbled across The Greatist Wesbite. On their website I found a section that mentioned they were looking for ambassadors, so naturally I jumped onto that section as quickly as I could to find out more. On the website it defines a Greatist Ambassador as:

“Greatist Ambassador. super noun. [gray-tist- am-bass-a-door]
a person who makes healthier choices and inspires others to do the same”
After reading their definition I thought to myself, I am the perfect fit for that. I have influenced and attempted to inspire those around me to workout, set goals, achieve them, and make healthier choices in their life.  Along with some of the goodies I get to show of my Greatist Ambassador I also have other responsibilities and am able to reach out to a larger audience with goals to continue to inspire those in the social network world, not just those who I see on a daily basis. “By becoming a Greatist Ambassador, you take on the awesome challenge of not only making better choices for yourself, but promising to empower, inform, and inspire others to become greatists, too. At the same time, we want to reward people who are already inspiring others to be healthier and happier! Together, we can impact and improve people’s lives, one small choice at a time — and that’s pretty kickass”. 
As I continue to get more integrated with the Greatist Ambassador community, I will share resources, blogs, and other info passed along through social media outlets. Make sure to follow me on twitter for up to date links, comments, and workouts.

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