pure deliciousness … another smoothie creation

Okay so many of you know that I have been on a smoothie and salad challenge since October 1st. Well that has forced me to find different combinations to keep the smoothies interesting. Just like anything else, the same taste over and over again can get a bit old or a little boring. Last week I was introduced to a new product to me it is Vegan Protein by Organic Food Bar, and in this case I am specifically working with the strawberry flavor, though I was given a container of vanilla and chocolate flavor as well. So those flavors will be used in upcoming smoothies, and if I find a tasty combination I will definitely share that creation as well.

I think the first test on the quality of a protein is to try it with minimal ingredients, so after a recent strength workout, I threw a scoop of the Vegan Protein Strawberry powder into 12 ounces of pure almond milk. Shook it up a bit, and went all in with the simple taste test. Unlike other vegan proteins or mixes, this was not gritty nor did it have a weird fruit / plant taste to it. Organic Food Bar Vegan Protein is a plant based protein, so it did surprise me that the texture and other characteristics were similar to that of other proteins I have had in the past (both soy and whey). This product is 100% natural, has no added sugar, no dairy, no gluten, no soy, and non GMO. So this is the real deal when it comes to vegan protein. The protein provided for a great taste alone, however as many of you know me I love my smoothies, so that would be the real deal taste test for me.

This morning, I loaded up my blender with the following:

16 oz. Almond Milk
two handfuls of spinach
two handfuls of frozen blue berries
1 small banana
1 tablespoon of chia seed 
1 table spoon of flax seed
1 table spoon of honey
1 scoop of Organic Food Bar Vegan Protein (Strawberry Flavor)
Now with all of the other goods mixed into the blender, I was certain that the protein would not influence the taste of the smoothie. I almost wanted to find a flaw in the product. Perhaps this is something I tend to do when it comes to something new and different. So here I went, I hit the smoothie  creation happen when I pushed the “smoothie” button on my blender. After a quick blend, I was ready to see what flavor this protein truly packed. Within my first sips of the smoothie I notice the strawberry flavor and complimented the blueberry and banana taste I was already accustomed to tasting. Along with the distinct flavors another thing that I noticed was that the protein did not have a chalky texture to it like other protein products tend to leave when mixing them with all kinds of other goods. 
End result is that Organic Food Bar Vegan Protein is a WINNER! I am going to keep using this product and will experiment with the vanilla and chocolate flavors over the next few days to find other delightful combinations. Stay tuned for other ideas to throw into your blender to start your day. 

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