all roads lead to …

Most people know the saying, “All roads lead to Rome”. Well the problem with that is not all people are trying to get to Rome, but I do know that there are millions of people trying to get to the start line of a race around the world. On my Twitter feed and on Facebook, I have come across thousands of people running various races nearly every weekend in any given city. For me every mile I log in leads to another race, or a race that is a training run for another race. Technically every run before a race is a training run, right? Every race is someone’s “ROME”. I just happen to visit Rome pretty frequently.

Apple Hill Elevation Profile

Over the course of the next months I will be running plenty of races with hopes of doing really well at the California International Marathon in December. My fall race schedule actually started this last month at the Urban Cow Half Marathon in early October where I ran a 1:32:52. Next up on my plate to get ready for the next marathon include the Apple Hill 8.5 miler this coming Sunday, November 4. I will be stacking a long run on Saturday before the Sunday race. The race will be treated as a tempo run with some hills. This race should test my legs and give me additional miles to get ready for CIM which is in 5 weeks.

The following Saturday, November 10, I will be making my way down to Santa Barbara for the SB International Marathon, in which I will running in the half marathon. The half marathon will be my final half marathon race before the CIM. This is where I will see what I have and really go after the run. The race conditions should be pretty cool that morning. The run goes along the coast, so from a sightseeing stand point I would imagine there will be a lot of great view points of the city. Part of this course will not be anything new to me since I have logged in a number of long runs in the SB area including a 12 miler back in 2010 the morning of my wedding. My tie to Santa Barbara is that my wife, completed her masters program down there. So every time I would go down there I made time to run along the ocean. I am looking for a solid performance that weekend in hopes to get somewhere around 1:30:00.

After the SB International Half Marathon, the next race comes Thanksgiving morning at the Run to Feed the Hungry. This race is more than a shot at a personal best in the 10k, rather it is a race to educate and bring people together. For the first time since I made a pledge to “Run 4 Will” back in 2006 I will actually push my godson William during a race. I decided this year to put together an official Run 4 Will team which so far has been made up of friends and family members. The 10k will take place in Sacramento. For more info about “Run 4 Will” please check out my ABOUT ME page. If you would like information to join my awareness team about Hydrocephalus please email me at

On December 2, 2012 all these longs runs I have put together and invest my efforts into comes all together. The roads that have been ran lead to the California International Marathon which starts in Folsom and make a 26.2 mile tour into Sacramento, finishing just steps away from the State Capitol. This will be my 6th CIM and 11th marathon overall. This CIM is something I have been waiting for. I will be putting every ounce of energy into attempting to qualifying for the Boston Marathon. The ultimate goal of where I go from marathon finisher to Boston Qualifier. For my age group I must run a 3 hour 5 minute time or better. This time breaks up to 7:02 per mile pace. I will be shooting for 7:00 per mile which would have me finish at a time of 3 hours 4 minutes. Unlike other CIM , this time I have changed certain habits and workouts going into this marathon. Previously, I would have races some 5l and 10k races and skipping my long runs for weekend races. This year however my long runs have been my priority and races have been half marathons only, with the exception of the 8.5 miler which will be additional miles. In other years the 8.5 miler would have been the only miles I would have logged on the weekend. The other big part is the additional miles logged in over the course of the week. In the last month I have ramped my running and cross training miles to equally 110 miles or greater. Including an October total of over 400 miles of running and cross training.

In other years I would take the rest of December off until the new year. This year that will not be the case, I am currently still looking for a race in January 2013. I have and will be running the Jed Smith Ultras in February with a distance still to be determined. March will include the LA Marathon (this will qualify me for the SF/LA Challenge), followed by the Big Sur Marathon in April. May will be a fun group race as I am planning along with 11 other San Francisco Marathon Ambassadors to do “The Relay”, which is a 199 mile race covering 36 cities in 2 days. Then June rolls around and here comes the much awaited San Francisco Marathon, which I am fortunate enough to be an Ambassador for.

The remainder of 2013 will be decided as race registrations start to open up.. So as you can see all roads lead to Rome, or in my case different races. Each road I run for a race or training run helps me get closer to another start line.

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