Salads and Smoothies … Oh my!

Since October 1st, I put a little self challenge out to myself to clean up my eating habits and also make sure I was getting meals when I needed to. Yes, even vegetarians try to clean up their eating habits. The 2 things that I make sure I have had every single day since October 1 are salads and smoothies! It makes grocery shopping pretty easy, and makes my breakfast and lunch options simple as well. The rules for my challenge are simple, a salad and smoothie each and every day. Other than that I have a lot of options to create those two meals. The other part of it is dinner obviously, I can have whatever I want for that meal knowing that I probably got most of my fruit and vegetable servings in the first 2 meals of the day. Now enough of the boring details to my challenge. I want to share with you some of the delicious combinations that I have come up with for my morning smoothies…

Now remember these are not recipes but rather mixtures. When I think recipe I think exact measurements etc (now a couple things I have “scoops” to but I don’t know the exact measurement). I don’t measure I just throw it all in a blender and enjoy. All of my smoothies have various parts to them and here are the parts or options:

Liquid (select 1): Soy Milk or Orange Juice
Dry ingredients (all included): chia seeds, flax seed ground, protein powder (I use plain soy)
Soft Fruit (select 1): ripe avocado(small size) or ripe banana (small)
Frozen (greens + fruit): handful of spinach plus a couple handfuls of blueberries, strawberries, mango, mixed berries …

I prefer using the soy milk with berries and orange juice with mangoes. However, sometimes I have run out of one or the other and just mix them all together. As you can see, I don’t really have objections various flavors and have in fact not made a smoothie I have not enjoyed.

For those of you wondering about my salad creations. I make sure I have a power packed Tupperware of greens and a variety of colors in their. I like to mix in kale, mixed greens, broccoli shreds, arugula, cilantro, olives, peppers, avocados, “Bac-Uns” (vegetarian friendly bacon bits) and often time will cut some tofu or beans and mix it in there as well. As far as dressings are concerned I typically stay with sesame seed or balsamic dressings.

Pretty simple but very effective to get the morning going for me. I do pack a couple of snacks through the day to hold me over. But during  this self challenge my running has improved and my energy level through the day has been better than it has been in a while. I recommend giving it a try and find out how amazing the power of greens in the morning can really help you get through the day.

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