Training … Yes I am talking ’bout training

If Allen Iverson were to come across my blog tonight, I feel this is what his response would be to me talking about training. Yes, Allen I am blogging about training. A 22 miler to be exact…

Today was one of those long runs, where you look at the calendar and think, 22 miles? Really I have to run 22 today? Well there is no way of getting around a long run, but to just do it. I came off a pretty strong week of training runs. First my Tuesday speed workout seemed flawless, I was very consistent with my 6 x 1200 meter runs. Thursday, my workout didn’t fade either … 10 mile tempo run, which I was able to complete at sub 70 minutes. Not only did I go sub 70 on the 10 mile tempo but I ran the first mile at 7:40 and ran the last mile at 6:08! Yes I believe the words to explain the Thursday tempo run would be “I CRUSHED IT.” Along with the harder workouts, came my cross training days. Each day I spent at least 100 minutes on the indoor trainer.

This morning was like most other mornings when I have a long run scheduled. I start off by getting up around 6:00 am for the 7:30 group meet up time. I gather my running gear together and then prepare my morning calories. The morning “grub” included a cup of coffee, bagel, banana, and some water. After making sure I had all my running “stuff” I headed out the door to make my way to the meet up spot for today. Today’s meet up was the Starbucks Coffee in Gold River. A common meet up especially for the longer runs.

Once the group got there we headed our trek towards Hazel to run the Folsom Lake Loop with tacking on a couple of miles midway by running up a couple of hills that brought us to Auburn Dam Road. These hills took a little work to get up, but they were good for the confidence knowing I had the legs to really tackle something in the middle of the run (click here 22 mile course / details). After coming down the hill, everything seemed to click so I started really picking the pace up, and as many of you know I foolishly just run without looking at my Garmin for the moment by moment pace. Nonetheless, I sort of left the group behind. Still a training run, some of my miles were a little slower, but when I did really pick up the pace, I was able to explode the final 5 miles with splits of 6:55, 6:45, 7:01, 6:55, 6:52. Overall my 22 miles had an average pace of 7:27. 

With all this being really exciting today, I know that there are still 6 weeks from today before the California International Marathon. There are a lot of workouts left before tapering. I have to keep the work up and going and cannot just rely on one good week of training to carry me the next 6 weeks into CIM. However, it is good to know that the hard work and my training plan is still working pretty well and getting me stronger and fit.

Yes Allen, I understand, today was just training, and it is all about the game … and in my case the game is the marathon on December 2.

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