I got myself into WHAT?!?! … an Urbanathlon …

So today I was presented with an opportunity to do something different, something that seemed to be right up my ally … I guess. Well anything that has to do with fitness I am pretty much game for. What I committed for on November 18, 2012 is the  Men’s Health URBANATHLON® San Francisco. Not really sure what this was I said yes I want to do it. I figured I run marathons, and do other pretty intense workouts, so this should be a fairly easy event for me. Also note back in 2010 I took 4th place in the Run For the Wild Men’s Division, where I had to jump over fences and look at zoo animals face to face while running through their habitats. Below is a preview of what I came across after checking out their official website and clicking on their YouTube channel…

After I had time to peak through the URBANTHLON website I realized this was going to be a bigger challenge than I thought. Now the 10.2 miles through the streets of San Francisco aren’t my concern it’s the 10 obstacle courses through the hills and flats. The 10 obstacles listed on the website include:

  1. Kumho Tire Stutter Step and Plastic Barricade Combo
  2. Plastic Barricades and Police Barricade Combo
  3. Subaru Crawl, Marine Hurdles and Police Barricade Combo
  4. AT&T Park Stair Climb
  5. Monkey Bars and Parallel Bars Combo
  6. Cargo Net and Traffic Cones with Poles Combo
  7. Traffic Jam – NEW IN 2012
  8. Over, Under, Through – NEW IN 2012
  9. Tissot 40 Yard Dash – NEW IN 2012
  10. Taxis & Buses to Chain Link Crawl to Wall Finish

iPhone App Screen Shot

To get ready for this event, I figured I will have to get some sort of game plan in order to make sure that I am physically fit to take on the challenges that are in front of me (or as Men’s Health puts it ROCK THE RACE). Along with checking out some of the workout programs and ideas offered online I downloaded the app on iTunes. The app offers some pretty good guidelines on what workouts to tackle during training for this event. Now the tricky part of preparing for this event isn’t the workout itself but that balancing of events that I am already planning on doing and had on my racing goal calendar. So over the course of the next 2 days I will be writing out my strength workouts to compliment my current running schedules that are preparing me for my next half marathon (one week before URBANATHLON) and full marathon (in December).

doing a little research on my lap top

With the event being 5 Sundays from this coming Sunday I will be posting my current workouts for that week. My running schedule will be much more intense than that of the Men’s Health recommended workout for running. During each weeks posted workouts, I will be listing my planned workout along with the Men’s Health recommended workout to have an understanding of the various options to prepare. I hope you decide to join me on Sunday November 18, 2012 as I attempt to ROCK THE RACE in San Francisco. Remember you can always keep up with other various workouts and items by following me on Twitter @chrismalenab. For further information or to register visit www.menshealthurbanathlon.com.

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