I AM IN … 2013 SF Marathon Ambassador!!

Yesterday was one of those exciting days that you get to enjoy for a while. About 16 hours ago I got an email that read “We’re sorry to tell you that….. you’ll need to start training for The Wipro SF Marathon 2013! Congratulations- you’ve been selected for the 2012-2013 Team!” For a brief moment, I thought to myself dang … oh well there is next year … but then within seconds of reading the first part of that note, I realized “I AM IN!!!” So what does this all mean. Well first it means I get to make 40 new friends who enjoy the same things as I do, running and sharing their love for running for one common race … THE SF MARATHON (#SFM2013). With a record number of applications that the race received for the SF Marathon I was selected as one of the 40 that will help encourage, inform, and motivate the nearly 25,000 runners who will be taking part of the marathon on Sunday June 16, 2013.

Within hours of getting notified of the acceptance of being part of the 2013 SF Marathon Ambassador Team, I have already been able to get to know my fellow team members through social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and each personal running blogs. It is amazing to think that people from all over the United States are coming together through social media and becoming close friends as we have one common interest and goal as we continue to help motivate and inspire those around us to take on 26.1 miles or 13.1 miles in San Francisco. I know for my friends and family that are connected to me by way of Twitter and Facebook, I can only imagine what they are thinking … “oh no … now Chris is going to post even more stuff about running” hahaha …. well hopefully by posting more and more about it, it becomes something to motivate, inspire and maybe even create curiosity about tackling something that seems to be impossible.

SFM2012 … 3x SFM finisher

I myself have ran 3 SF Marathons, so I know the course, each year I have ran a better time, enjoyed the route and the event a little more each time. This time I know will be a little different as I will be around more people I know building the friendships with other SFM2013 Ambassadors, connecting with others who follow me on Twitter and Facebook that will decide to jump in and sign up for the SF Marathon. There is a lot of fun and exciting “stuff” that will be coming up in the months to come leading to the #SFM2013. Follow me as this journey continues and hopefully leads you to running on Sunday June 16, 2013…

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