making a difference – Run to Feed the Hungry 2012

Me and my godson Will

This year I decided to do more when it comes to running. As many of you know that every race I ever run I always put “RUN 4 WILL” on my race bib as well as my shoes. Ever since my godson William was born with hydrocephalus, I was even more motivated to never take fore granted the things we have in life and that includes walking, jogging and running. Anyways, I decided to start a “RUN 4 WILL” official team this year at Sacramento’s largest race which is held on Thanksgiving morning at Sacramento State, Run to Feed the Hungry ( . I encourage all of you to think about running, walking jogging and making those around us aware about Hydrocephalus ( If you opt to run as a team member for TEAM “RUN 4 WILL” there are a ton of benefits that are available to us as a group at the race which includes a special 1/4 zip top, VIP parking for the race, VIP snack tables, and even a team photo before the race. There is a 5k and 10k, timed and untimed group. The goal is to get 20 people signed up and registered for team “RUN 4
WILL”. The cost is $50 to register.

To know more about “WHY I RUN” and the first ever “RUN 4 WILL” race I ran, please visit my running blog:

Thank you for your time and I hope that you join our TEAM “RUN 4 WILL”

If you are interested in registering please contact me and I will email you a step by step process on registration. You can email me at

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