another marathon … coming up

One week out before my 3rd San Francisco Marathon, and my 10th total marathon. This is one that will go into the books. Originally my 10th Marathon was to be the Big Sur Marathon back in April, but with the being blessed with the birth of my son 2 days before there marathon, we opted to not have a go of it. However, on a side note … I did register for Big Sur 2013 before it sold out! I will be running Big Sur in 2013!!!! So here we are the final long run completed.

During the marathon training for this SF Marathon, there have been a lot of good … errr great runs and some not so great runs … plain out awful. Since my last post back in May, I have put in a few more races including the Avenue of the Vines Half Marathon in Lodi, the Buzz Oates No Excuses 5k in Sacramento, the Fab 40’s 5k in Sacramento, and the Davis Moo-nlight Half Marathon in Davis. The highlight of those runs was the Buzz Oates No Excuses 5k, where I set a personal best in the 5k with a time of 19 minutes 49.5 seconds. During the run I felt pretty good and most importantly, I ran smarter not harder. I set my self to run around 6:20 per mile pace for the first 2 miles and threw what I had left in for the final 1.1 miles. I ran some of the most consistent miles in any 5k which lead me to the PR. And as every runner knows, our favorite letters in the alphabet are “P” and “R”.
The other races during the SF Marathon training continued to bring me more joy and fun if anything rather than personal best. In fact the 2 half marathons in this group of 4 were some of my slower times over the last few months but finishing and finishing with a smile has been something I have wanted to focus on. To the left you can see a photo of the Lodi Ave. of the Vines goodies, at this point I have been running it to see how many of those wine glasses I can collect. It is like a runners scavenger hunt at this point.

The other 2 races that I mentioned in the four during the SF Marathon Training bunch were the Fab 40’s 5k and the Davis Moo-nlight Half Marathon. In fact I didn’t waste anytime knocking these 2 out of the way because I ran the 5k in the morning and turned around and ran the half marathon in the evening. Considering my previous 5k time was a sub 20 minute, my Fab 40’s 5k was a bit of a disappointment finishing it in 20:11. The same goes with the Davis Moo-nlight Half Marathon, perhaps one of my slower half marathons recorded in the last year but I had a very good time out there on the course. Perhaps because it was a little different running a race at night, finishing with streets lights on and on lookers cheering runners home under sets of construction lights. About 6.5 miles into the run I knew I wasn’t going to do very well in regards to time, so I jumped into what the event was promoted as a glow in the dark festival. They handed out glow sticks on the course, and I finished the race with one around my head.

Well this is a TAPER week, which I am not a big fan of … only because I wish the marathon was closer. This will be another “RUN 4 WILL” Marathon …. it will be posted both on my bib and my shoes along with the initials “BM” and “DM”. For those of you that are knew to my blog here is the info on the “RUN 4 WILL” …. as for the “BM” and “DM” … those are the initials for my wife and son … This will be my first marathon with my son waiting at the finish line.

Check next weekend for the SF MARATHON EXPO blog post and the steps before the marathon routine …. I can guarantee that I will be mentioning “SPIRIT OF THE MARATHON” at some point next week as well as sharing some photos from the SF MARATHON expo … make sure to follow me on twitter @chrismalenab. Check out and support my active wear sponsor GODSOME! “faith driven active wear” at

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