2012 thus far …

It has been a very long time since I have last posted to my blog. Lets just say life happens. No I haven’t stopped running, running is part of life, sometimes taking the time to blog just isn’t. So far there have been a number of races and runs that have occurred in 2012. Like the last couple of years I have started the year off with the Shamrock’n Half Marathon which took place in West Sacramento in March.

This year it was different, I didn’t go out hard trying to PR, but rather ran along side some friends having a good time, joking, laughing, talking the entire time. This is what running is supposed to be right? It is supposed to be enjoyable at times, challenging, frustrating, and sometimes something you can’t live without. Nonetheless even with this type of easy go lucky race I still posted a fairly decent time, finishing in 1 hour 38 minutes 32.8 seconds. Not a PR by any means but not a bad time for a training run either. Most importantly I had a great time all the way to the finish, as seen by my smile crossing the finish line as my friend Brian and I raced the final 10 feet … yes we both sprinted the final 10 feet … I won!

A couple of weeks later in March, I went after my first 5k race for the 2012 season. The Nutrition Fuels Fitness 5k/10k run in Elk Grove, CA. The weather was nice and cool providing for some good running weather, but the only down side was the wet ground. For me the wet ground doesn’t do me any favors. This was going to be my first shot at going sub 20 (minutes) in the 5k. My previous best was a 20:04 which was done last November in the Run to Feed the Hungry 5k in Sacramento. Even with a good warm-up this race was not my day, I ran a sub 21 but, for me the 20 mark is what I am waiting for. I know it will be there. I finished the Nutrition Fuels Fitness at a time of 20:39. 

To start off the month of April, I was fortunate enough to be part of the American River 50 (AR50). My cousin Edd was running, and I was able to pace him for the final 19 miles of the race. The race started off in Sacramento near the Guy West bridge and finished in Auburn, Ca. I joined him at the 31 mile point in Granite Bay. The course was very challenging and even just joining in on the final 19 miles, it made me respect what the runners are able to complete even more. The “last gasp” was a very challenging final 3 miles leading into the finish line. Edd finished in 11 hours 5 minutes, just 5 minutes shy of the 11 hour Western States qualifying time. There is next year, and I know Edd will be be running the Western States soon.

April also brought a pretty good race at the Zoo Zoom 5k. My closest attempt to hitting the sub 20 mark came in April. The warm-up was good, the start was good, and I knew I was going to come very close but didn’t realize I was going to PR but still be a bit frustrated when it was all said and done. After looking back at my run, I hit my first mile too fast running a 6:04 first mile, which cost me by the time the 3rd mile came around. I am happy with the fact that I ran a PR at a finishing time of 20:03.9 but am frustrated with the fact that I know that I could have ran a smarter race. I know I am steps away from this 20 mark and am excited once I actually get the sub 20.

Tomorrow, is another Run Sac Race Series run with the Fair Oaks Sun Run (aka the Chicken Run). The 5 miles might seem like an easy task, but when you throw some hills in the mix it makes it interesting, challenging and fun!

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