Never Forget …

I know there is a lot going on in regards to today, September 11, 2011. 10 years have passed since the most tragic event in American history. If some of you were fortunate enough run in Sacramento there was a big 9/11 Memorial 5k run in Downtown Sacramento. For others there was the Buffalo Stampede 10 miler, and for others it was just another long Sunday run. Nonetheless, there was a lot to be able to reflect on during many of our runs today. We are reminded that we have the freedom to run and play as we like, but during tributes like many held around the country, we are reminded that our freedom to play and freedom that we are so fortunate to have isn’t so free. I think sometimes we take so many things for granted and we think we deserve so many things just like being able to run or whatever it might be, however there are so many people that lost that freedom that we have due to one single event. We need to remind ourselves of the privileges that we are so blessed to have one a regular basis.

Since my last blog post there has been a lot going on. Last Monday, I participated in a Change of Pace event in Davis, CA. The Labor Day 5k was on tap for me as I through in weekday race. Overall, the run was nice and easy, pretty smooth course, fast and quick. Some pretty good runners out there, but nothing like the Run Sac Race Series that happens through the year. For this weekday run, I completed the 5k in 20:45 finishing 6th in the men’s 30-39 division and 21st overall. Not too bad, but not my best either, still a good performance.

The other race that happened since my last blog post, occurred today in Sacramento. The 10 mile Buffalo Stampede was hosted by the Buffalo Chips Running Club, which is the group I run for under their racing team.  The Stampede is an awesome way to test yourself in regards to where you are at this point in the year if you are planning on hitting some of the upcoming 13.1s around town and especially if you are getting ready for the California International Marathon. The 10 mile race today started and finished at Rio Americano High School. The route sends you mostly along American River Drive, and loops you through a couple of the side streets. The course is simple and easy to figure out where you are at since there are mile markers every mile giving you an idea where you need to speed up or slow down if you need to. Though the 10 mile was a fun and easy route to get after it, today I really didn’t have a top level run as I finished the race in 1 hour 14 minutes 57 seconds, finishing 13th in the men’s 30-39 division and 91st overall. Now one of the benefits of this race compared to any other race around town besides it being a Run Sac Race Series run, is the goodie for this run. Eventually, you can end up with too many technical shirts if you do enough races, however this race provides you with a reflective running vest which is awesome.

Since my last blog post, perhaps the biggest thing that I was most excited about besides the races themselves, are the opportunities that I was able to have in regards to training. Last weekend before getting ready for the 5k Labor Day race, I was able to finally get out and run with the Chips on Saturday for a long run along the American River. Then on Sunday, I jumped in on a 8 mile run with the Fleet Feet Sacramento meet up running group. With both groups being welcome to runners of all levels, it is a great chance to build some miles but also to chat with other runners about running ideas, races, and strategies. If you have a chance I suggest trying to jump in with some of the running groups around town.

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