let’s race ….

This past weekend was my first race since the SF Marathon. The weekend 5k brought out a little over one thousand runners to the course around Land Park in Sacramento. The Race for the Arts 5k was also one of the Buzz Oates Run Sac Race Series. These races typically bring out many of the more serious runners as runner vie for points to move up in the Race Series standings. The prize for the top runners and teams … PRIZE MONEY!!! And if your good at it, then why not race. For me I am not a top runner but I do enjoy competing. It is the competitor in me that loves the thrill of training, and chasing down the runner or runners in front of me.

The recent week of training has been pretty interesting going into the 5k, with a lot of shorter intervals to focus on the speed for the shorter distance. But now it is back onto the main focus of the winter marathon, that being the California International Marathon. The distance running will start to have a focus on goal marathon pace along with the various workouts planned by the Buffalo Chips Racing Team coach. I am pretty excited to see what this upcoming CIM in December brings, because I have been approaching my training with a different mentality not focusing too much on the results but rather making sure that the quality of training is there. I have been better at realizing that each day is a different day and putting in the effort and working as hard as I can on that given day is all that matters. At the end of each training day, I have not had days where I am disappointed with training, knowing that there are so many various factors that can influence the trainings from mental fatigue to physical fatigue and everything in between. Since changing my approach I have done a better job of “respecting the distance”, in training and racing.

There are a lot of things coming up in the near future that will help me get ready for the CIM. The first thing is getting to more team training runs, which starts this weekend with a long run with the Chips. I think we will be putting in somewhere between 12 to 15 miles this weekend along the American River, which will be good since running long runs with other people always make the runs go by faster and also allow me to keep up a better pace. As far as shorter race in concerned I am going to be taking the road in Davis, CA. on Labor Day for the 5th Stage of the Tour De Fit. I have ran in 2 previous stages of the Tour De Fit, and in both of them I have walked home with a Age Division T-shirt. I am hoping to do the same with this next race.

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