back to the it …

Well I know it has been a while since I have posted my blog. There has been a lot going on in regards to running and getting refocused for my next 26.2 miles. The next marathon being the California International Marathon. The 2011 December run will be my fifth CIM, and 9th overall. Pretty funny how this running thing has gotten a bit out of control, considering that back in 2004, I told myself … “I just want to run 1 marathon in my lifetime”.

So anyways in regards to running, things have been pretty easy. A couple of weeks worth of easy light three to five miles runs before starting back onto a routine. Last week, I put in a modified Chips workouts, doing a speed workout, a tempo, a couple easy and one long run which was routed for 11 miles. Did I have the legs to go the distance? … Yes, I did. However, the speed was not there to pick it up and take it another level. With roughly 15 weeks before the CIM, I have plenty of time to get the speed back up and moving me closer to that magic BQ time. This week I am back onto the race scene and running routine. This weekend’s race is the Race For the Arts 5k, ran in Sacramento. This is another Run Sac Race series hosted by Capital Road Race Management.

In regards to races, a couple of weekends back, I volunteered at the Buffalo Chips hosted Suzanne B. Anthony 5k. Perhaps the only race where I was involved and didn’t step onto the course to run it. In fact I brought in the back of the group by walking and blocking off traffic. This is the first time that I helped at a packet pick up and worked an entire set up to clean up of a race. It was pretty awesome to hand out runners so excited for their first 5k while standing behind the table at Fleet Feet in Downtown Sacramento. Then making my way to Glenn Hall Park at 5:30 am to start setting up all kinds of things from tables to water stands. The amount of work that goes into a run is amazing … no wonder during marathons, half marathons, 10ks, and 5k runs I have just said a quick “Thank you”, no matter what or how I am feeling at that point in the race. At the end of the day without the volunteers, these fun events would not be possible.

Tomorrow, is time to get back into the workouts and focus on some speed to get ready for the next 5k this weekend. Follow me on my journey to another 26.2 and all of the races leading into it by following me on Twitter (@chrismalenab).

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