the week after

A week ago, thousands of runners took on the 26.2 mile route through San Francisco, myself included. As much as the journey or training is enjoyable, it also brings along some mental and physical challenges. Along with these challenges and joys of accomplishment comes the mental stress of performing and competing. Not to mention the physical stress on the legs, core, and everything else. The week after the marathon was an off week in regards to running. During this week, I was able to just do some workouts non-running related that allowed me to almost not think about the workouts, which provided me with the mental break. This week also gave me some work on recovery with the use of Yoga, the Trigger Point roller, and some free weights.

Since the marathon I was able to incorporate some Yoga in my routine, starting nearly every morning with a Yoga workout and ending a couple of the days with a Yoga workout. Granted my workouts are at home workouts guided by a DVD, it still has allowed me to relax the body and most importantly the mind giving me some much needed rest from the stresses that competing daily brings to me. I have found that the Gaima  Yoga DVDs are pretty good. I have used various workouts from 3 DVDs that I have purchased over the last couple of weeks. Along with the DVD guided workouts and the use of the Trigger Point roller, I have been able to avoid the sore legs that has often come after my previous marathons.  I know that at Yoga centers workouts are typically about 60 minutes or a little longer, however with these DVD workouts, you can really feel the holds with the 20 minutes workouts. This also allows for some added time with the Trigger Point Roller, to break up the lactic acid build up in the muscles.

While on the week off, I was able to look at what else was next. I know the CIM is next as far as marathons is concerned, but I was also looking for something new in 2012. I really enjoy the California International Marathon ( which is held in Sacramento, this allows me to run around areas where I train and I get to see familiar faces and hear voices of people I know cheer me and thousands of other runners along the course. The SF Marathon (, has now become a favorite of mine, because of the run over the Golden Gate bridge, the challenge of the hills, and overall marathon weekend. By the way the SF Marathon registration is now open for 2012! This last SF Marathon was my 8th, the CIM in December will be my 9th, so I was thinking … 10 marathons that is a big one, especially when I ran my first marathon back in 2004, I told myself I just wanted to do 1 in my life time. Now 7 years later I have continued to run marathons, half marathons, 10ks, and 5k races. In fact running has become part of my life, it is something I look forward to being able to do. I respect the world’s top runners perhaps more than any other professional athlete. And let’s be honest, I am writing a blog that chronicles my journey to my next marathon. I have been consumed and infected by the running bug. With that being said, number 10 has to be something special. So for number 10 I will be running the Big Sur International Marathon ( in April of 2012.

Runs will continue again this week with some lighter runs, and the scheduled workouts will continue next week as I follow the Chips Racing plan going into the California International Marathon. Also for those of you looking for a 5k for this weekend, there is the Susan B. Anthony 5k hosted by the Buffalo Chips, sorry guys this is a female only 5k. For more information on this weekend’s 5k log onto

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