enjoying this one …

The final week before the SF Marathon is this week. A week of tapering for the most part, and a week of new things. The new things that are coming into play while awaiting for the SF Marathon includes not just the workouts going into preparing for the SF Marathon, but the way I taper this week, the new focus on consuming calories while on the run and staying hydrated. Also new for this time around is how I consume my pre-race calories the 2 days and day before the marathon. Something new this week is also the light run on the course the day before the marathon. So on Saturday I will run part of the start of the marathon as part of a 10 minute run just to shake the legs out after I do the marathon check in. 

The last month has been pretty interesting and has brought me some awesome places to run. I have put in miles not only around the Sacramento area, but I have pounded out some training runs in Ventura, San Diego, and Tahoe City. No matter where my work takes me or where I happen to be any given weekend, I make sure I put the miles in. All I need to get the work in, is my Vibram Five Fingers, Garmin 305 and my running attire, and I am good to go to put the miles in for that day. 

So back to this final week, hundreds of miles have been put into going into this SF Marathon. Since July 2010, I have been trying to figure out what can I do to make this one better, well first from a mental standpoint I needed to just enjoy the run, getting out and enjoying every step, every training chance, every mile is something I did this time around. Last year, I put so much pressure into qualifying for the Boston Marathon, I forgot to enjoy the journey and was upset about the finish and the last 26.2 miles that I put in. The other thing that changed this time around was the training itself, having a running coach to give me the workouts took away the stressors of finding and calculating my workouts each day, week, month and phase. Just logging onto our racing team website and looking at our workout in 2 week blocks took away the stress of training itself. 

This is going to be a very enjoyable SF Marathon, I know that I have done the work to do well, but most importantly I have taken away a lot of the stressors that prevented me from enjoying the 26.2 beautiful miles that the course had to offer last year. I have a lot of supporters through my journey, but without the continuing support of my wife who joins me on my long runs with the bike, and keeps me motivated to stay positive, this would have been a very different experience. Another big support I have is from my godson William who I run every race with and for, he reminds me of how fortunate I am to walk around and run. Another big part to having a successful training and preparation for this SF Marathon is my official active wear sponsor GODSOME! (www.godsome.org), who provides me with my daily training apparel, warm-up and post race gear. 

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