5 days on the road

The last couple of weeks have been pretty insane as far as my work schedule is concerned. There has been a lot of driving, traveling and working. Nonetheless, that is not an excuse to miss a run or planned workout to prepare for the SF Marathon which is just a couple of weeks away … in fact it is only 1 week from this weekend. Time has flown by and with it being so busy, but still training I haven’t had time to be anxious for the SF Marathon this time around. So the last 5 days have been especially crazy with working down in San Diego for a soccer tournament coaching countless games and spending hours on the field and in the sun, so getting up early to get my run in was important. One thing I did realize is that getting up early and running along the beach is not such a bad thing! In fact, all these people that live down in San Diego, do not know what they are missing if they are not runners or enjoy the outdoors. The cool ocean breeze accompanied with the sounds of waves crashing in and the smell of the salt water makes the running all that much better.

After arriving into San Diego on Friday the 15th of July, I had to get right onto a run, there is something about getting off of a plane that makes me want to jump right into a run if there is something on the training plan for that day. The first day out in San Diego, as always sporting my GODSOME! Faith Driven Activewear, I headed out of my hotel and ran towards the beach with my easy 25 minute run, for this run I spent most of my time going along side and through the Del Mar Beach. This is an awesome run if you are looking for a beach run, the sand was really packed so it wasn’t too different from running on the roads. The sand was packed so well that even running some of my 150 meter striders to end the workout, was the same feel as running on the road.

The following morning, I opted to run the same direction but extended the run a little bit longer in order to get in my 10 miles for the Saturday morning. This time along with running on the beach, I also found a route that included some pretty good rolling streets and streets with some decent climbs. This unexpected hill work was pleasant to have because of the fact that it is just another added bonus to getting ready for the SF Marathon. The Sunday morning workout, was just another cross training day, and luckily for me the hotel in Del Mar that was my home for the 5 days, had a pretty good workout center that allowed me to get on an elliptical trainer and bike for 50 minutes total.

Monday, was the typical day off of training day. However, today (Tuesday) was an awesome day, with a solid interval training / speed workout. For the route today, I opted to run in a different direction, rather than running to Del Mar Beach, I headed in the opposite direction and made my way towards the Solano Beach front. After getting my 10 minute warm-up run in, I hit my four 20 second striders before the heart of the workout. While doing my ten 400 meter intervals, I had to pause for a moment and take a photo. Now for some people on their run it is just another park or beach access. However, for me and Bethany it has a little more meaning than that. One year ago I proposed to her at that spot off of the Solano Beach access.

This was a pretty exciting weekend with keeping on track for getting the final couple weeks of training in before the SF Marathon. On that note, also with all that was going on this weekend down in San Diego, I got my confirmation email from the SF Marathon that listed my bib number and wave group. I will be in Wave Group 2, and wearing bib number 2108. As the SF Marathon closes in, there will be more postings about the expo and other items related to the marathon. Keep checking back on the blog to keep up to date with all the final prep for the days leading into the SF Marathon. And remember you can always follow me on Twitter to stay connected on blog updates and other tweets at @chrismalenab.

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