this one is a little different …

This past weekend, I put together my longest run until the SF Marathon on July 31st. It was a treat to run a portion of my long 20 mile training run with a couple of my cousins. One cousin who I have done several races with and the other who has just recently picked up running and will be participating in the Tough Mudder Run in September. With 3 weeks remaining before the SF Marathon the training pretty much goes into a begin to taper method. All of my up coming runs outside of my speed workouts and a couple of tempo runs are labeled as “easy runs”.  As for the actual long run from this last weekend, I ran some familiar parts of Sacramento, and some new areas along the American River Parkway, the beauty of group running, is allowing other people to take the lead and just following them on their route. Even this group run with my family was pretty awesome in that we were going at a comfortable pace for all three of us, so we were able to chat and run at the same time. We got so comfortable, that originally we were going to just do a 5 mile loop together before they headed back to their cars to go on their way, and we ended up putting in just under 7.5 miles together.

a cropped screen shot of the Nike+ GPS App on my iPhone

Now as the time starts to get closer, the anxiety of the let’s get to the start line builds up. However, this year things are a little different, I have not put the pressure of a “BOSTON OR BUST” mentality on this race. In fact, I have even told those around me that this year, the SF Marathon is all about enjoying the run, the sights, and the training going into it. This time last year, I was putting so much pressure on myself that I missed a great event. Enjoying my first running of the SF Marathon. Still to this day, I remember my first RnR San Diego Marathon and my first California International Marathon. The SF Marathon, on the other hand, outside of the bridge, I really couldn’t tell you much about the course, the people I got to meet or the excitement of the finish. In fact, I don’t even remember the final miles of the marathon, I was so disappointed with my performance. This year  each step, each mile marker, each aid station, I will take in everything that this SF Marathon has to offer. In fact, I am already ahead of where I was last year. I can remember my best training runs going into this marathon, the moments that Bethany has ridden along side me handed me water kept me company to this last long run before the SF Marathon where I was joined with two of my closest cousins.

As a continued effort to help those around us in our community and all over the world, don’t forget to check out my active wear sponsor GODSOME! ( They are a ONE FOR ONE company, so every time you make a purchase you are also donating a piece of clothing to a child in need. Thank you GODSOME! Faith Driven Activewear for supporting me in my daily training runs, races, and adventures into upcoming SF Marathon.

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