a need for speed

So some of you who frequent my blog may have noticed that the blog post as of late have not been posted, or are not as frequent. Well I am going to less frequent blog post to allow for more in depth post that have a little more meat to them. I feel that recently my blog post really have not been very interesting. So you can expect about one to two blog post per week. If you want to find out when I blog a new post without having to log in daily, you can follow me on Twitter (@chrismalenab), where I will publish a link after each post that I put up. I hope all of you regular readers continue supporting my blog, following me on Twitter, and supporting those that make my training, racing and blogging possible, such as GODSOME!

This past 4th of July holiday, I ran in my 14th race (3 half-marathons, six 10ks, four 5ks, and one 5 miler). I was hoping for a stellar performance at the Folsom Firecracker 10k race. This was to be my last scheduled race before the SF Marathon on July 31st. A race that I would hope to give me mental confidence with less than one month before the 26.2 miles that ate me alive last year. However, this race was all but opposite of what I was hoping for. I had no legs in this 10k, my body felt tired, I was thirsty and even stopped at a water station to get some fluids. Granted the race was in 80 degree weather, my body was not familiar to getting out and racing in warm weather. But it had to be more than that for me to not perform at a level that is acceptable or close to my average race time results. In the 10k, I posted a 47:36 time … a time 3 minutes slower than my last 10k just 2 weeks ago. There was a break down in my race, effort, and just overall performance.

That same afternoon, I need to get a workout in that I was going to feel good about. I jumped into the pool and did a series of drills that were low impact on the legs, but also challenging and fun. The fun part was more of a mental thing that will go a long way when it comes to jumping back into a race as well as just for the mental health of being so competitive with myself and the clock! While walking away from the Folsom Firecracker 10k, I immediately started to think … “there is a need for speed”. With this in mind I started to think back to last year around this time and even in the fall, when I was posting some pretty good times, hitting sub 6:40 miles with ease even during training. The one thing that really stood out to me was that I trained hard all the time, I pushed the limits during training and the end result was fast and confident race results and performances. I think it is time to push the tempo again, and really get after it. Now I feel that I have better muscle endurance this year, however my pace has dropped. I just need to find a balance with my new workout training and last years to have more positive results in my races.

Between now and July 31st I am considering on trying to find a race to get after it and find a good finish and run. It has been a struggle to find a race. However for those of you looking for something new the Eppies Great Race is approaching shortly on July 23rd. The no swim triathlon takes place in Sacramento along the American River. To register for the tri log onto www.capitalroadrace.com.

A continued thank you to my official active wear sponsor GODSOME!, a faith driven active wear. For more information about their apparel line log onto www.godsome.org.

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