10 for the road …

After a travel day yesterday, it is always interesting to see what my legs have for me in regards to getting a training run in, especially a long run day. Walking up my legs felt a little tired. I think it was a combination of both travel and having put a lot of work in my legs from running along with an indoor soccer game I played in on Thursday night. 

The long run whenever I travel down to Ventura County always ends up in the same place. At one of the local parks off of the Kimbell exit off the 126, I have found a home. This loop is a pretty easy route, around the 1.33 mile paved walkway. With just a slight climb around every lap, the rest is flat. Sometimes the only challenge that comes up is a head wind factor that is pretty to deal with since the walkway is square in shape you can always know when the legs will have to kick in some extra work to get passed the headwind areas. So getting the 10 miles knocked out today, was a pretty good run even with the body a little fatigued after a 6 hour drive down here yesterday.

sporting my GODSOME! Gear
With the next couple days until my next race … YES! a weekday race, I will be making sure to get my legs rested and ready to kick out hopefully the best 5k time for the summer. The Folsom Firecracker 5k will be my final race before the SF Marathon less than 1 month away. I hope to see some of you out there on Monday morning for the 4th of July run. If not have a safe 4th and remember follow me on twitter for some article links, and other up to the moment information related to humor and sport and life.

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