slip on those sprints …

my sprints for some speed

Tuesday means another speed day, and today, I went after it. Knowing that next Monday is my last 5k and race before the SF Marathon, I want to go after it and do well. Now it isn’t a Tour De Fit Stage or a Capital Road Race Management or Buzz Oates Run Sac Race Series run, but it is still timed and there is still something to win on the mental side of things. The speed workout today, was a good one as written up by our coach at Buffalo Chips racing team.

My workout today started off with my typical warm-up a 10 minute run at a steady pace around 7:45 per mile or so. After that I went right into the workout itself which consisted of eight 400 meter runs with a full recovery between each one. After the 400s, I completed six 20 second strides before getting into my cool down run to help with the recovery of my legs. I knew the recovery was going to be important because of the the strength workout that was going to return in the evenings starting today. One thing that did change a bit for the speed workouts today, is that I jumped back onto using my Vibram Sprints rather than my other VFF Bikilas that I have been using as of late.

In the evening the garage group workout continued. With 2 planned workouts for strength workouts, we decided to target the arms and shoulders tonight. We hit 5 exercises targeting the biceps, 5 hitting the triceps, and 5 focusing on the shoulders. Each exercise was 12 reps for 2 sets. As for the exercises we did a series of curls using the barbell, dumbbells and e-z curl bar. Shoulder exercises included the barbell and dumbbells. While triceps were hit with dumbbells and the jungle gym. 

Tomorrow will be another good day of workouts, so make sure to check out the blog post tomorrow. A big thank you to GODSOME! ( supplies me with my active wear for workouts. Remember, if you want some other info on running and links to some good articles or some humor follow me on Twitter (@chrismalenab). 

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