Tour De Fit Stage 3 ….

After a sub par 10k run yesterday, I woke up today wanting to run a solid run and pick up some hardware. The placement and hardware is more for my mental side of training and running rather than for the actual trophy or prize itself. In the Tour De Fit Stage 1, The Capitol Classic 10k, I had a decent showing for the 10k along with placing in the top 13 overall along with 3rd in my age group. 
For the Summer Fest, stage 3 of the Tour De Fit, I opted to run the 5k distance and felt pretty good during the warm-up. I didn’t feel like it was a PR type of day, but I did feel like it was going to be a good run for me today. There were some pretty fast runners taking the start today, including some young runner’s as well. I knew if I wanted to get some hardware I would have to challenge for it and earn it today. Mentally, I was ready to step up to the challenge and give it a run today. The course today, was a simple loop around the Natomas area around Inderkum High School. Mile 1 was pretty spot on and I cleared the sign at a time of 6:20. Mile 2 was a bit short because when I looked down at my watch I read about a 6:00 mile. While the remainder of the race was a bit on the long side. In total, the route finished at about 3.35 miles. So as far as a 5k time is concerned there is a little variance in comparison to other 5k times. Right after the crossed the finish line, the first thing I did was found other runners, and they verified that they too felt the course was long and their Garmin watches also proved it. 
All in all, today was a great run, good weather and getting some hardware. I finished today in a total time of 22:05 finishing 10th overall with a 2nd place in the men’s 30-39 age division. Like always, a continued thank you to my official active wear sponsor GODSOME! faith driven active wear ( 

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