a finishing surprise …

Even though I felt like I was certain when I checked the race results on Saturday at the Run 4 Independence, I thought I would give the website a quick peak today. There was a present surprise when I looked at the M30-39 division. When I checked the top 3 finishes, I was surprised that I didn’t finish 4th as I thought I saw on Saturday, but finished 3rd place. Now even though I was able to take some hardware from this race, I know that the race itself was not one of my better runs. So in the end it reminds me that placing in races is all relative. Now, the thing is that you still have to sign up show up and compete to finish, so I am still proud of the placement, I am just not proud of the actual run that I performed. So later this week, I will be receiving my 3rd place medal in the mail.
As for today’s workout, it is Monday, and that means a day off. No running, no cross training, just resting my legs today. It is also one week now that I have done strength work. The strength work will continue tomorrow evening after a speed workout in the morning, which I am really excited to do. The workout for tomorrow looks pretty interesting and FAST!!! So check out tomorrow’s blog post to find out what the workout is made up of along with how the strength workout for tomorrow night goes, after a week off of the strength workouts. 

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