the first of 2 … Run 4 Independence

Another weekend for me equates to another race during this summer months. Today, it was the Run 4 Independence 10k in Elk Grove. I knew going into this race it was going to be a sketchy run for me because I didn’t get an ample amount of sleep last night. Running on a fatigued body isn’t the recipe for a solid run. However, I still approached the run the same, drinking the same pre race fluids and taking the same steps to prepare from when I woke up to when I stepped up towards the starting line. 
As I prepared at the Elk Grove Community Park, I started by trying to turn my Garmin 305 on … well with my luck the Garmin wasn’t holding it’s power and kept shutting off right after I turned it on. I thought I had a full charge on it but apparently it was not cooperating with me this morning. Rather than fussing with it too much, I opted to run with my regular sports watch for this race. So for me I would have to calculate my own splits at each mile marker. This was going to be different than what I had planned because I was hoping to focus on the metric data fields in today’s race. Nonetheless, it was time to start this race. 
The start might have been over drawn with the amount of talking by some of the race committee of Elk Grove, including the mayer of EG, and other random people. Once everything completed, we were finally ready to hear the words “On your mark, get set, go!!!” and off went the air horn to get us started. The 10k run today was all flat road, and it was the 5k route looped twice. The route itself was really fun to run, we ran through the community park, out on a main road along side the CA 99 freeway, and through some neighborhood streets before wrapping back around into the community park. I ran the first loop in a time of 20 minutes 21 seconds, so I was on pace to run a decent run. However, I could feel my body tire during the second loop, and I just didn’t have enough in me to push through the second loop. I finished the run in a total time of 43 minutes and 11 seconds. Finishing 29th overall out of 120+ runners and 4th in the men’s 30-39 age division. This put me 1 spot out of taking home some hardware. At this point I am not sure how far off I was in regards to time to taking a top 3 placement. 
Tomorrow is another chance to redeem myself with a better run. I am hoping that the Summer Fest 5k is going to bring me a better run and finish. The 5k tomorrow is part of the Tour De Fit race series conducted by A Change of Pace. For more information about the Summer Fest and to register you can make your way to Fleet Feet Sacramento until 6:00 pm today (Saturday) or sign up the day of the race at Inderkum High School in Natomas as early as 6:30 am on Sunday. I hope to see some of you out there. I will be sporting number bib #567 in the race. 

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