#236 is ready …

It’s another Friday, and like the previous week it is an easy run day. Today I logged in 30 minutes with a very easy pace, while throwing in five 20 second all out runs at various moments through the 30 minute run. The run was great, my legs felt good even after a long run yesterday, and the 30 minutes seemed to fly by. 
With another double race weekend, I checked in for the Run for Independence 10k. It was the first time I stepped foot into The Running Zone in Elk Grove. The store was a bit small but seemed like they had a lot of goods in the store, your typical running store like in most other areas. For those of you interested in running tomorrow, it is not too late to register today until 7:00 pm at the Running Zone Store. You can also register tomorrow morning at Elk Grove Park. Remember there is a 5k and 10k race so you can choose your distance, get a run in , have some fun, and earn points for Miles with the Mayor if you are registered. 
I am hoping for a decent time tomorrow. Also I am going to approach the 10k with a little different way in regards to my Garmin 305. I am going to be running the race with my data fields in metric units. In all of my previous runs, I always keep the pace and distance in miles. However, when I train in meters, I keep my pace and distance in meters. I am hoping by making the slight change, I will be able to be more comfortable with the times and pace whenever I have to reference my Garmin 305 during the run. Based on last year’s times, if I can run my typical 6:35 pace on the 10k I can look to finish in the top 10 and in the top 3 in my age division. With some disappointing finishes in the last couple of weeks by not walking away with hardware in my previous 2 races, I am hoping to get back on track with one of the 2 races this weekend with finishing in the top 3 of my age division and top 15 in the overall group. 
I hope to see some of you during the run tomorrow, if you can’t make it out there but are looking for a way to find my up to the minute results you can follow me on twitter @chrismalenab. Also check out my active wear sponsor at http://www.godsome.org. I will be warming up in some of the new gear tomorrow so if you are out there and want to check out the material feel free to check it out by just stopping me before or after the race. 

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