its a long thursday …

Long run Thursday has approached us. Today is one of those days that I was looking forward to especially after a sub par run yesterday. Today is my bounce back day from a bad previous day. My legs felt good going into the long run. The use of the Trigger Point Massage ball really paid off as my legs felt loose and ready to get after the long run today. Not to mention, whenever my wife rides the bike along side me during my long runs, the runs typically run smoother than normal.
Today, I logged in 16 miles with a typical loop that I am familiar with. The route was all pavement with a lot of flat ground. The only mini climbs are freeway overpasses and climbs going onto and off of the American River Parkway. On the 16 miles, we passed my old college (CSU Sacramento) and my wife’s old high school on the route. Also about 5 miles of the run are spent on the American River Parkway. For those of you who are planning on hitting the water, make sure you check with safety warnings because the water looked pretty fast today. With it only being the first week of summer, there has already been at least 1 situation on the river in the Sacramento area. So let’s keep those numbers down and be safe. To finish off the route, we hit a partial loop around the Rosemont neighborhood before getting back on track to home. My legs felt great and the SF Marathon is nearing, I am excited to perform well this time around in SF. 
Remember it isn’t too late to sign up for 1 of 2 races this weekend. The Run 4 Independence 5k and 10k is this Saturday while the Summer Fest 5k is on Sunday. You can register for each race by logging onto for the Saturday run, and for the Sunday 5k. 

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