cutting it short …

It was a pretty warm day out today. So warm that my run was sub par. And when it gets this warm in Sacramento or anywhere you are running sometimes the best thing to to is cut the run a little short when needed. I didn’t get out of my door until a little after 10 am today and it was closing the mid 80s. I knew after having some morning obligations that my run was going to be up in the air when it came to getting a complete 60 minutes in as scheduled.
Once I started out on the run, I already felt a little warm the moment I stepped out of my front door. Knowing that the weather was going to be a bit on the warmer side, I ran with a water bottle in hand, hoping that this would help me survive the warm temperatures during the 60 minutes. After 25 minutes, with the heat kicked in and the lack of calories I consumed in the morning, my water body was empty and my body was just not feeling it. I wanted to see how I felt after another 10 minutes of running, and recognized that it would be smarter to stop and call it a day, than to push so hard that it would effect my runs later in the week. So for today, I logged in 35 minutes on the pavement. That was it for the workout for today. No strength training for the night time, just getting some rest for the long run is all I needed.
After my short run, I decided to check out the current standings for the Miles with the Mayor on the Capital Road Race website. As I searched the site, the top points getter was at 60 points, while I was at 48 only 12 back from the leader. The Run with KJ program is pretty cool, in that all you have to do is run in Capital Road Race Management races and you earn points for each race based on the distance you run. If you earn 35 points or more you get a free t-shirt. I recommend that you check out the website at to register. It is free and only takes seconds to sign up. 
Before the night was over, my legs were feeling a little bit on the heavy side, so I pulled out the Trigger Point Massage Ball and put some pressure on my hamstrings, quads and other muscles groups to loosen them up. Before I headed to bed, my legs felt great and I could feel the blood flow through my muscles with ease.

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