quickly before the heat gets in …

Even under the new training schedule and plan, Tuesdays are still the speed workout days. There is something about speed workouts that I just love, even if my legs feel a little heavy or whatever may be going on that morning when I wake up. My body is always ready to step up for the challenge of a speed day.
Today, the workout had some longer run intervals. I am hoping these longer speed intervals will translate to faster 5k and 10k times. The workout started with a little warm up of a 10 minute run, getting the body ready to hit these intervals hard. With the warmer weather, it didn’t take long before my legs and core were ready to go especially after a 10 minute run. The workout I had for today was as follows: 1000 meters followed with a 400 meter rest interval then a 800 meter interval and then another 400 meter rest interval. This sequence was repeated 3 times. Once the workout was completed, I finished it off with a 10 minute cool down run. What I found interesting today during the workout, is that the 1000 meter intervals were a little easier for me than the 800 meter runs. 
The heat is starting to kick in so it is going to be a battle to get some of these runs in with a good pace, without putting my self in danger of heat related illnesses. For all of you out there make sure that you keep safe and HYDRATE!!! And for those of you looking to break up your training with a race, remember there are 2 races this weekend that I will be running in, I hope some of you blog followers can find a way to get out there … The Run For Independence 10k is another Capital Road Race Management run held on Saturday June 25th in Elk Grove, Ca. To register for the Run For Independence log onto http://capitalroadrace.com. While the June 26th Summer Fest 5k is part of the Tour De Fit series hosted by A Change of Pace. To register for the Sunday 5k log ontowww.changeofpace.com.

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