no pavement …

After a weekend with a race and a cross training day yesterday, the Monday off day was in effect in regards to staying off of the pavement today. I did continue with some strength work, and perhaps this might be the only day I hit strength work this week. A day off is a good thing to rest the legs and keep them fresh especially since turning to a new workout under the guidance of the Buffalo Chips Racing team coach.
Still with the off day from running, I found a way to get in a quick strength workout, which helps with my overall fitness. For today I did a majority of my exercises with the Jungle Gym. Today’s exercises focused on the back, chest and core. Back exercises for today included: jungle gym pull ups, jungle gym chin ups, barbell bent rows, barbell good mornings, and super man holds. Chest exercises included: jungle gym push ups, jungle gym dips, standard push ups, floor dumbbell bench presses, and foam roller push ups. Core exercises for today included: weighted sit ups, flutter kicks, and jungle gym rollouts.
The next couple of days will be pretty warm so it will be interesting to see how the weather effects my runs if at all. It is safe to say that the hotter weather might take a little toll on all of us, since this is the first week where we get into summer and hit the triple digits. My suggestion to all of you stay HYDRATED!!! Keep on drinking water and some sort of sports drink. Lets all have a heat induced illness free summer. 

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