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Before I start out with my blog for today, I want to wish all of you dads out there a happy father’s day! Hopefully some of you are taking advantage of some of the local runs around town that were being held today. Off hand I know that there were at least two runs, one in El Dorado Hills and the other in Roseville. If not hopefully you enjoyed a run or a day off. It is father’s day, so do what you want … even enjoy a beverage … you earned it.
After a week of putting some pounding in my legs out on the hot pavement in Sacramento, it was time to go real easy on them today. Rather than doing an easy run on street, I opted for going 60 minutes on the cross trainer instead. There are a couple of days during the week that our coach labels as easy run or cross training. I would have opted for the 60 minutes on the road, but there was just something about my body telling me that today, it would be smarter to just jump on the trainer and give my legs a rest from the pounding of the pavement. 
Tomorrow it is a new week in the workouts, and our Buffalo Chips Racing Team coach, will be sending us our new workouts. I am excited to see what is in store for the upcoming weeks. It is going to start getting pretty warm around the Sacramento area in the next couple of days, so if you are a local runner, make sure to hydrate and hopefully you can get your runs in early in the day rather than later. 

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