another friday = another check in …

This has kind of been the norm for Fridays in the month of June and will continue into the month of July. Maybe a little too many check ins which probably equate to too many races. But in the end I am trying to practice my racing habits. Once I am able to get to a point to where I know that I am disciplined enough to run at my own pace, I will be more strategic in selection of races. However, this race for this weekend would have been on my calendar either way since it is part of the Buzz Oates Run Sac Race Series. 
The 5k Foot Pursuit, looks like it is a pretty flat and easy course, so with that being said let’s see if a PR is in the plans for my weekend. I am hoping that with the race starting and ending at Miller Park, and running it’s route through downtown and Old Sacramento, I can muster up a pretty good result. Last week, I thought I had a PR in the making until the head winds hit me at mile 2 of the Mountain House Community 5k. However, perhaps one of the key factors to this race tomorrow is that my wife will be running it. History shows that the runs my wife has registered for had me do well in them. For example in the 2010 Run to Feed the Hungry, I ran a PR in the 10k (40:59, which is still a current PR), and in the 2011 Run for the Health of It in Lodi, I finished 1st in my age division and 2nd place overall. Like all Fleet Feet Sacramento events, today’s check in went smoothly, walk-in proceed straight to the back and pick up your garb for the race. Tomorrow, I will be sporting bib number 255 and my wife will be sporting bib number 254. The t-shirts have a pretty cool logo on them, the only downside, it is cotton, but it is a 5k and most 5k races are still using the cotton shirts since they are a bit cheaper. One thing that surprised me with this race is that they are using timing chips, most races hosted by CRRM have been with the D-Tag as of late. Nonetheless, it doesn’t change the speed of the clock, it was just a little different from the previous races this year. 
With the race taking place tomorrow, it was perfect that my scheduled run for today was pretty simple. Besides the off day this week, today’s planned run was about as simple of a workout that can take place. It was as 25 minute run with some random 20 second burst of speed thrown in there to mix it up and get the legs working a bit. I threw in five of the burst of speed moments throughout the run today. The legs were feeling pretty good, except a little sore than normal, I think that has to do with the fact that I recently started playing in a men’s indoor soccer league. So the combination of a long run on Thursday with a later evening soccer game is the cause for a little soreness, but a little ice bath and stretch took care of most of it after my morning workout. 
I hope to see some of you out at the race tomorrow. If you cannot make it out, don’t forget you can find out how I did right away by following me on twitter @chrismalenab. Also remember to check out GODSOME! faith driven active wear for your workout, or leisure apparel. When you decide to purchase one of their cool looking t-shirts keep in mind they are a “one for one” company so when you get your shirt, there is also a child in need that gets a t-shirt as well. 

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