farewell pyramid …

It looks like it will be easier to understand the food guidelines. The food pyramid that we are all so familiar with is now gone. It is being replaced with a new food plate, that makes it more realistic and easier to understand how much of each portion someone should have. The old pyramid was something that most people couldn’t relate to but with the new “my plate”, I think people will be able to see the visual and understand it much better. Also I think kids who are being introduced to nutrition and healthy eating habits will also be able to understand the concept much easier than the pyramid. For more information about the new “my plate” check out the USDA’s My Plate website at http://www.choosemyplate.gov/ .
So for today, there was a lot of continued running in my planned workout. If you have not come across my blog in a number of weeks, some of you might thing, where is the cross training? Well, the cross training is pushed off to the side to allow for more miles during the week. In the old training plan, the “3+2”, I would have not ran today, but with my new coach, I am logging in runs based on time today rather than just distance. Today, I went out on a 60 minute easy run, I listened to how my body and legs were feeling and ran at an easy pace. Even with this easy pace I was still able to cover seven and one third miles around the Rosemont neighborhood. Everything on this route was fairly flat except for the freeway overpass that I always try to throw in just to get a little bit of an added workout. 
For the evening strength workout, my buddy Will and I, attacked the shoulders and core area to complete the 3rd strength workout of the week. Like our other strength workouts, we plan out our exercises right before we get started. This allows for a smooth workout, without having to stop too many times to think of what is next. We simply write it all out on the white board and knock them out in order of how we write them down.  Shoulder workouts for tonight included: barbell clean & press, dumbbell front raises, dumbbell side raises, and 2 minute rounds of heavy bag punching with 12 oz. gloves. For our core exercises we included: weighted sit-ups, 3 sets of 2 minute rope drills, wood choppers, sit-up to crunch- leg lift combination. All of the weighted exercises were done with 2 sets of 12 reps per set. 
A couple more days until the 5k Foot Pursuit, I am pretty excited and hope to push out a solid 5k this weekend. To see how I do the moment I cross the finish line, make sure to follow me on twitter (@chrismalenab). 

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