too fast …

Today was a speed workout kind of day as planned by our Buffalo Chips Racing Team Coach.  There are a lot of new things I am learning as I am introduced to various workouts and runs that I would have not done had I not joined the Buffalo Chips Racing Team. Today we did some 200 meter runs, along with a 2 mile run to finish off the workout. 
After a pretty good warm-up, I was ready to take on the speed portion of the 200 meters this morning. After ripping through the 200s with some rest 200 meter intervals, I came to the conclusion that I hit the short runs a little too hard, as I had a pretty large variance between my first 200 and last 200, with my 200s ranging from 33 seconds to 38 seconds. Another clue that made me realize I went too hard on the 200s was the quality of my 2 mile run which I tired to complete at half marathon pace. I was still able to run a 7:10 pace today, but it was still a bit off than I wanted to be. I thought by having a 5 minute jog after my 200s, that my legs would be able to handle the two mile run at half marathon pace, I was little bit off of that desired pace today. 
In the evening the garage group workout continued, and it was still a warm day out when we started the workout. I am partially in favor of this because of the fact that  the body is already warmed up and ready to hit the strength workout without the fear of throwing the back out or straining the muscles like on a cold winter day here in Sacramento. For tonight the workout focused on chest and triceps. The chest workout included: barbell floor bench press, jungle gym push-ups, jungle gym dips, medicine ball push-ups, and medicine ball chest passes. Tricep exercises included: jungle gym extensions, skull crushers, dumbbell kick backs, overhead dumbbell and extensions. Each of the exercises in the chest and tricep workouts were completed with 2 sets of 12. 
With the speed workout from today, and a couple more runs before this weekend, I am hoping that the training pays off this weekend at the 5k Foot Pursuit in Sacramento. 

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