a need day off the pavement …

After a weekend of races, today was well deserved day off in regards to hitting the pavement. My legs were really feeling the races from this weekend so the first part of the day, it was all about ice baths and kicking my feet up. After a hard workout or race, a rest day isn’t only deserved but it is also needed! Perhaps one of the biggest things I have started to really pay attention to is taking off days from hitting the pavement. Especially with the increased mileage on my legs through running, the rest or easy days are going to be crucial. Prior to joining the racing team for Buffalo Chips my workouts were based on the “3+2” model, which had me running 3 days. Now with my new program and coach, I am running 6 days a week. 
In the evening, my strength workouts did continue with the garage group workout with my buddy Will. As I workout the upper body, I am really a believer that total body workouts are important for runners as well. Now I don’t want people to get confused with upper body workouts for body building. The sets and exercises we do, are quick movements, helping improve general strength, not adding a lot of girth and size, but mostly helping just with injury prevention and increase muscle endurance. 
With 3 strength or weighted workouts during the week, a typical week of exercises or muscle groups we focus on are as follows; Monday – back and biceps; Tuesday – chest and triceps; Wednesday – shoulders and core. For me there is no need for doing too many leg workouts, because by hitting the pavement on my runs and mixing in some rolling hills and freeway overpasses, I feel like I get enough of the leg strength that I need for my sport. 
With it being a Monday, we did the bicep and back workouts today. Like everything else, write out our workouts before starting. Typically we select 5-6 exercises for each muscle group and do each for a total of 2 sets with 12 reps in each set. 

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