the streak ends …

some of my recent hardware

After running 5 consecutive 10k races or shorter and walking home in the top 3 of my age division, walking home with some hardware … the streak ended today. This morning’s NRC Get Out ‘n Run 10k, was a good fun course to run with the awesome weather that came out this week. The race was very well organized, the course was well marked, so it had the makings of a good race day, however my legs just didn’t have it in them as I went out too hard to start the race, and then a combination of a 5k yesterday kind of set me back as far as having my legs to push me through the race. 

The streak of walking home with hardware barely ended today. I finished 4th in my age group and 8th overall, which is not a bad showing. As for my official time, I am still awaiting for it to be posted. Based on my Garmin I ran a time of 44:47, which is one of my slower 10k races I have ran. Typically I am around a 42:00 or below. In the end I am still pleased with the fact that I was able to finish in the top 10 in the race and still pretty close to the top of my age group. 
For those of you not so sure about new races, I suggest you check this out next year when it comes around again. There were plenty of after races handouts and giveaways, Powerade really came through and supplied you with as much sports drink as you wanted. If you didn’t walk away with some hardware you had chances to walk away with some pretty cool raffle prizes as well. 
A new week starts up again tomorrow, and there is a lot to clean up as I have a couple of 5k and 10k races in the next couple of weeks before I shut down the races before the SF Marathon. 

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