one of two

Mountain House Medal

This morning was the Mountain House Community 5k, which is the first of the two races I will be running in over the weekend. Tomorrow is the NRC Get Out ‘n Run 10k in the Natomas area of Sacramento. I am hoping for another good finish to continue a weekend of good running.
While most races I check in the day or evening before the race, the Mountain House Community Run only had a morning of the race check in and race packet pick-up. The one today, was pretty cool because they gave away some of their old technical shirts to people in the race. I walked away with a long sleeve technical top. Always a bonus when signing up for a race is the extra gear you can walk away with that I would actually use. The shirt for the race today had a nice design but it is a cotton shirt, so like other cotton shirts, it will end up in the “bin” of race shirts.
The day started off with a windy day, so many of us that were warming up and chatting prior to the race, decided as much as the race advertised for a “PR” course, the wind my say otherwise about setting a PR. Like all other Capital Road Race Management races, this one started on time, was well marked, and well organized. I can always count for a good race, when they are managing the race. At  8:30 am sharp, the 5k and 10k groups started. The course was very flat, easy to follow, plenty of room to pass other runners when needed. This was truly a course to PR, if the head wind was not present. Just to give you a sense of how much the wind effected all of us, from the “gun” I was 4th and ended in 4th overall. The gap really never changed except for the distance the first place runner created between himself and myself. My first mile was completed in 6:20, mile 3 was completed at a time of 6:32, while mile 2 was the hard one with the head wind and cost me a better time, I was over a 7:30 time. Still at the end I averaged a pace of 6:43 per mile, finishing 4th overall and taking first in the 30-39 mens age group. 
After the morning race, I made my way to Natomas Racquet Club to check in for the 10k tomorrow morning. The course looks like it will be good for a solid run tomorrow, I am hoping for a quality time and perhaps a little bit of hardware to walk away with to complete the weekend. The check in for this race was smooth and the best part for this race is that for a first year event, they are already providing a technical shirt for those running the event. The only thing I am not sure of is how they will be doing the official timing, since there is no timing chip, or D-Tag issued at the check-in today. Let’s hope for good weather tomorrow morning to create for a good finish time and overall result in this race.

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